Thursday, November 6, 2014

He Survived

For those of you who don't know that is the "Red Shirt Guy" who really made his mark in Blizzcon history but putting Chris Metzen in his place for really not knowing something he should of. Since you know Blizzard Lore is his baby. At the time it has not only amusing but it really highlighted the part  I love about the question periods of the panels.

Why you may ask? Well, of course, there are these funny moments which we will never forget, but then there are moments where we learn so many things about the games. We learn the types of stories the designers and writers like and what they want to get into. Things they would like to see in the game. We see that they are fans of the games just as much as we are and that they want to have things wrapped up just like we do.

There are also times when things are said which weren't really meant to be said, which always sends the internet into a frenzy and is something years from that point we can look back to and say "THERE!" that was the moment they gave that away.

So yes the lore panels may not get as much attention this weekend as the opening ceremonies, the design, expansion reveals, or even the contest, but realize there are a great part of the weekend where everyone fan and design alike geeks out about the story of all of these games we love.

If you are going or watching at home or even catching up on youtube afterwards just keep that in mind. These games wouldn't have got to where they are if it wasn't for the story which brought them to this point.

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  1. I wonder if Red Shirt guy really understands what he has done