Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes here we are ending our weekend and feeling awful because the weather is cooling down. Even my pool is closed up now making the realization that as Ned Stark would say "Winter Is Coming". Trying not to get me down too much as there is still plenty of things to do. Like go through my emails and pick questions for the week! So let's get to that!

When are we going to get the Warcraft Movie trailer?

Well that is simple Blizzcon. I have no doubt in my mind that the big reveal this year will be at Blizzcon. I think we will also get a Q&A with the cast as well as tons of other movie related material. I just don't see a better way than that to make a big splash at Blizzard's greatest stage. It actually would surprise me completely if this wasn't the case.

Even playing the Nathan Drake collection you can see how video games have became easier over time.

Anytime you play a trilogy even if the separation of years is large you can seeing the evolution of gaming. In a game like Uncharted it can be more evident towards the difficulty side of things just because I think they made the first game harder than they actually wanted it to be. Now I am talking core mechanics. Obviously you can turn up the difficulty and get the difficulty in the game you should be playing, but that really isn't what I judge a games "difficulty" on. If you compare the second and the third game I think you will see the mechanics of the game are pretty similar with just some minor tweaks to not make the game easier but just make it flow more. This to me is really what you would like in a series you don't want games to be miles away in difficulty because it aggravates some players and pisses off others.

So has Bautista bat flip already the cover winning for MLB The Show net year?

That isn't a bad idea.

There you have it this week's questions. Thank you to everyone who sent something in as this could not be possible without all of your questions. As always if your question was not answered on here I will get to it in the most timely manner possible. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Down 2 now hopefully they can come back. Want a Cubs and Jays World Series