Wednesday, October 28, 2015

You Promised To Take Me There Again Someday

Wednesday! Sticking with the Halloween theme I assume you can guess what this week's list is all about. I decided to go with the creepiest things we come across in gaming. Now these games themselves might not be the creepiest, but the enemies themselves is what takes the cake.

5. Scissorman - Clock Tower Series

Guy running around with giant scissors? Ya not many things get more terrifying then this

4. Blinded Woman - Fatal Frame

Not your ordinary ghost. As they can be freaky in general this one takes it to the next level with blood coming out of her eyes. Some would say the style of the game makes this scary, but even if that is so it is bound to make you think twice about it.

3. Slender Man - Slender Series

What isn't creepy about a guy following you? Also for some reason he can only be there if you turn around. just makes it that much creepier

2. Nemesis - Resident Evil 3

Run if you want, but he will still find you and kill you. There is many different types of enemies you have to deal with in the Resident Evil series, but Nemesis is the top guy and that is why it makes the list. 

1. Pyramid Head - Silent Hill 2

So ya don't think there is any arguing this point. He is creepy by every description of the word and even today still gives me the creeps even if I know the story behind it all.

There you have it my list of the creepiest enemies in gaming. Agree or disagree or maybe in this case terrified let me know one way or another!

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