Thursday, October 29, 2015

Carving As A Gamer

So as has been the case with the week thus far Halloween theme continues. Now one of the things that gamers talk about most around Halloween is playing Horror games. It has even become a streaming phenomenon, but that isn't the only way gamers show their Halloween spirit and definitely not the only way I do.

You see there is this other Halloween practice that takes place that gamers tend to go the extra mile to show not only their love of gaming, but their artistic talent. What would that be? Well that would be the act of pumpkin carving.

I have seen many great pumpkins over the years and it seems every year I see one that tops the rest. That could just be because my memory is fading, but let's not talk about that. The newest trend it seems in pumpkin carving is making not just one but a series of Jack-O-Lanterns that get something across. As shown by the picture I chose for today's post it can be quite amazing feat if done right.

Now I don't have the artistic talent to do something like this. The only gaming pumpkin I have every been able to pull off is when I made the buttons of a Playstation controller and I only came up with the idea because I had seen it somewhere else. Doesn't mean though that I cannot appreciate the time and effort put into it.

That being said I still carve at least one every year and then generally snack on the seeds while I am gaming so there is that connection! So as you are carving your pumpkin today if it is something spectacular or not keep in mind we all get the seeds.

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