Thursday, October 1, 2015

Glitch Acceptance

So it may just be me, but it has become practice over the years to point out glitches in the new NHL game every year. This bothers me to no end. Why is it ok for a company to release a game littered with glitches and then becomes a joke practice to point them out. How do some of these which can be honestly found with simple product testing make it through to the final production of the game. Also some of these glitches themselves are pointed out when players have access to the demo and they still make it into the final version of the game.

Now if EA patched these glitches in a respectable manner then maybe I would let it go, but that is rarely the case and they would rather release DLC content or consider them acceptable occurrences for the duration of the game.

Now I solved my issue with this years ago when I decided to stop buying games from EA sports division, but even with a vocal fan base being on the company every year with this they still release games littered with glitches, bugs, and crashes. As gamers we have tried the approach of reporting bugs, have tried to speak on forums or customer service. Truthfully the only way they will listen is if we force them to fix them and stop allowing them to release games that are obviously not release worthy.

Why is it sports games get a pass? Do you not remember the uproar with AC:Unity and the multi player? When was the last time something like that happened with a sports game? I don't know never. It has become common practice to let your normal gaming attitude give sports games a pass, and I for one think it needs to stop now.

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