Friday, October 2, 2015

Thrall's Future

So I know some people have reservations about Thrall. He is if you want to admit it or not is a major lore character in Warcraft. Now he has one son that we know of Durak and as we know know an unnamed Son or Daughter. I am betting on a daughter but we will have to wait and see. So as happens quite a lot I have a lot of lore discussions with many of you through email and I thought I would share one. This is from Jokubas and his thoughts on the future of Thrall for this week's Reader Post.

What's in the future for Thrall?

Honestly, I can't think of much that should, and that really worries me. Thrall was a great character in Warcraft III. He was an underdog that fought hard to redeem his people. In World of Warcraft, his idea was ostensibly that of one now in command of a major power, trying to handle it wisely, unlike the Horde before him.

Then in Cataclysm he was suddenly the most powerful shaman in the world. Not a warrior who learned his spiritual heritage as a symbol of the redemption of his people, but a superhero who was able to save the whole world (mostly) by himself. Perhaps even more baffling, however, wasn't even that he put Garrosh in charge while he saved the world. What really broke Thrall was that in Mists of Pandaria, the assassination attempt on Vol'jin is used to bring him out of some sort of retirement, as he's shocked that Garrosh could do such a thing to one of Thrall's friends... after Tides of War in which Thrall very much knew of terrible things that Garrosh had done, and abandoned his own friend over it. Then to top it all off, when he finally confronts Garrosh in Nagrand, he takes on an air like he's above him, and he couldn't even admit he made the wrong choice.

Thrall just feels broken at this point. He played out his character arc, he had closure, and ever since he's been inconsistent and hypocritical. Apparently you either die a hero, or live long enough to be written poorly.

What I'd hope to see, is acknowledgement of Thrall's flaws since Warcraft III, but I still can't tell if they're intentional or not. I want an acknowledgement that he was so successful in creating a good Horde, that he started to forget that they didn't used to be good. Acknowledgement that he was so blinded by the good Grom did, that he prevented himself from seeing the bad. Make it canon that he ignored his advisers about Garrosh because of that blindness. Make it canon that Thrall has done so much good that he's become blinded to his own flaws, seeing himself as more heroic and better than others, to set him up for a fall where he finally has to confront all of the bad decisions he's made. That should be what brings him down and has him give up the Doomhammer. Maybe then, when he comes out of it, he can be the character we liked again.

Now I agree Thrall has had his ups and downs story wise, but I am in complete agreement in the fact he should realize his mistakes. Sadly I think this is going to take the death of Aggra. What are your thoughts?

Enjoy your weekend!

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