Friday, October 16, 2015

Does Varian Die?

Friday! Yes here we are at the end of the week wondering what we are going to be up to this weekend. So why shouldn't I put something else on your mind with a Reader Post? Well Mimi has a theory that the High King himself will be kill before Legion even begins. And well here it is!

In Legion, both Anduin Wrynn and Genn Graymane (Varian's right hand man) are listed as main characters. Varian Wrynn is not mentioned. Strange, eh?

They showed a screenshot of Varian in a cinematic. I am willing to bet that it is the pre-event where we will witness that Varian dies.

In the Lore part on the Blizzard Legion site we can read the following:

"As the Burning Legion threatens to annihilate Azeroth, Anduin will learn the true cost of peace… and whether he's willing to pay it." - Is this cost watching his father die?

Let's be honest. One of the coolest weapons ever designed is Shalamayne, the weapon Varian wields. Gorehowl does not even come close. Not only is this a 2 handed Warrior weapon, it is actually 2 1 handed weapons merged together. This makes this weapon attracting for both Arms and Fury Warriors. A perfect artifact weapon.

Varian's lore is "done". Blizzard has really been giving Anduin a lot of attention in Mists of Pandaria and War Crimes. In the past expansions, we have seen a lot of drama on the Horde side about their leaders (Thrall, Garrosh, Vol'Jin, Cairne Bloodhoof, Sylvanas...) while Alliance has had little to no drama among the leaders. I bet Blizzard thinks it is time to do something about that. 

Making Anduin king will be a struggle for him and I bet some other racial leaders does not think he have what it takes to lead the Alliance. I have to admit, I know little about the Alliance racial leaders, so I don't know who would be against Anduin as the king of the Alliance.

Well thoughts?

Sure you will have many this weekend so you better enjoy it!

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