Friday, October 23, 2015

The One True God

Friday! I know Syndicate is out today and a lot of you will be playing it. For those that are not I did come across this really interesting submissions for this week's Reader Post from Elivyndyr. It talks about how the religion of the Protoss relates to some of the ancient religions from our history. So knowing I am a history buff I couldn't resist sharing.

So, is anyone else here semi studied in biblical history? It is widely accepted that the term 'Amen' stems from the use to sanctify the end of a sentence with respect to the ancient Egyptian worship of their sun god.. Amon Ra. So... Let's dive right into these ancient aliens.

Amon Ra was considered to be the king of all the gods -- basically, the god of gods, or titular God as if he was a God amongst Gods those other gods were lesser, right? Is this not how the Tal'darim have been instructed by Amon to see the Xel'Naga? 

Let's consider some of the similarities. The cult of Amon Ra and it's sun worship spread into the modern day monotheistic accounts through the Egyptian influence on Abraham. In ancient times, if the 'gods' had presence on Earth like the Xel'Naga had presence on Aiur, could not a similar event occur, with one god being seen as the 'Truth' amongst the rest? Going into the story Ascension gives us some clues about this. To Amon Ra, death is ascension. The annihilation of life such that it can all be 'with him in the Void' is the goal of this religion, almost akin to the necromongers of Riddick acclaim. There has been foretold a great sundering whereby the faithful will 'ascend higher than the highest master' on the day of reckoning. 

It comes down to the Khalai protoss being pantheists who see their gods as killable and potentially exinct, versus the Tal'darim protoss being monotheists who see their god as beyond this plane, it's eternal creator, and immortal. And, if any of these ancient alien links hold true tangentially (because we're playing devil's advocate with lore for fun now), then the Xel'Naga engineered humanity as well, potentially giving credence to a theory whereby a Xel'Naga saw Amon's plan and deliberately engineered humanity such that a being of psionic potential such as Kerrigan would arise to defeat Amon's Armageddon. It should be noted that when referring to In Utter Darkness in the Cantina and Bridge, Raynor says "Armageddon" specifically, to many different characters. 

The events in Starcraft II represent an Ancient Aliens view of the fight in 'heaven and Earth' between an alien that represents himself as a monodeity which will end all suffering and the rest of his race which represent themselves as mortal, creators, and benevolent which seek to expand life across the universe -- However, is Amon acting against the will of the rest of the Xel'Naga, truly, if the Hybrid are supposed to be the successors to the Xel'Naga or the new Xel'Naga, effectively continuing the cycle and truly ending no suffering at all? 

Didn't I tell you? Now you have plenty to think about going into the weekend.

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