Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Long Live Play

Wednesday. Middle of the week already eh? I don't know if it is getting closer to Christmas or I have just been watching more TV lately, but I have noticed a bunch of video game commercials. Now this got me thinking that really what commercials for video games out there are the best? Well that is what today is all about!

5. Laundry Bear - BattleTanx

What do tanks and stuff bears have in common? Well nothing. That doesn't stop this commercial from making it the tanks purpose in life to destroy all teddy bears.

4. Perfect Day - PS4

The PS4 launch commerial was nothing short of spectacular. It was all about enjoying the system with your friends in endless competition. Just the thing every gamer wants to do!

3. Robin Williams Zelda - Ocarina of Time 3D

The late actor lends himself to this release and the series who his daughter is in fact named after. His descriptions make you wonder which Zelda is he really talking about.

2. What's Your Game - World of Warcraft

In these series of the commercials with a variety of celebrities talking about their World of Warcraft escapades borders on amazing in every possible way. You were always wondering who are they going to get next!

1. Michael - Playstation

Just had to show you this one on why to me it really is what gaming is. To me by far the best gaming commercial there has ever been!

There you have it. What are your favourite gaming commercials? I am sure there is a few that are on your list you will complain I didn't include.

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