Wednesday, October 7, 2015

There Is No Cow Level

So here we are with yet another week coming our way and we don't know what list I am going to throw your way this week. What would you say if I said it was a secret? Well it kind of is a secret secret in how these levels themselves are secret in their game. They are not bonus stages or anything like that they are levels which you have to do something different to access and are not part of the main arc of the game. So here are my choices for the best.

5. Star Road - Super Mario World

For anyone who has ever played Super Mario World you will know how getting to Star World can make progressing through the game much easier and less time consuming. It is a shortcut, which everyone who is moderately serious about the game should look into accessing.

4. Fight Reptile - Mortal Kombat

One of the more difficult secrets on my list, but not something that isn't satisfying for doing so. In the original Mortal Kombat if you complete a battle on the pit and win perfectly with a fatality while the moon is in view you are rewarded with this secret battle.

3. All Hallows - Tomb Raider 3

What many believe was supposed to be part of the game, but didn't want to waste the content they created we have this secret level to explore with Lara. One that back when this game was new was one of the best visually appealing levels in gaming.

2. Aztec Level - GoldenEye 007

For a game that wasn't too difficult this map itself was quite the step up. Actually regarded as one of the toughest FPS levels around this featured our favourite secret agent going through an Aztec pyramid  with enemies with the most perfect aim imaginable.

1. Cow Level - Diablo II

Who doesn't love a level spawning evil hellish cows with one thought on their minds? Not only that this level was probably the best grinding level in the game as long as you spared the Cow King.

There you have it this week's list full of secrets. Is there a secret level you think deserves a mention? as always let me know in some way or another!

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