Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Here we are at the end of the weekend wondering how we you will get everything done in time. Before you get to all that fun stuff though it is time for me to get to some of the questions for the week. So let's get to it.

Why did they add a stupid murloc hero to Hearthstone instead of another better shaman candidate?

They will be adding a better shaman candidate in the future this is just what they are adding to promote the recruit a friend. Kind of the way that Khadgar was added when medivh was already in the game. Not that I agree with wasting Khadgar for that, but it is the same type of principle. They will be adding another hero for all the classes that you will pay for so don't worry yourself too much.

What are your thoughts on the Final Fantasy XV collectors?

Lately the collectors editions of Final Fantasy games have been lackluster. I believe they made up for it with XV. It has enough but not to the extreme that they have to charge an exorbitant amount. That really is the fine line. Gamers are willing to pay a little more for a collectors, but double or triple the price as we have seen for some in the past is a little pushing it. Also remember that collectors in the scope of the gaming world are a new thing so companies are just getting in the swing of it now.

Why no Zelda talk?

Well you just covered that didn't you?

There you have it this week's questions all answered. Thanks to everyone who sent one in if I got to it on here or not. As always this would not be possible without all of your support. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

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