Friday, July 22, 2016


Friday! Yes the end of the week is here and it is time to get to that Reader Post. So what to talk about this week? Well it is pretty simple to choose from. I received so many emails regarding the new WoW patch and the effect on RP servers. So I choose one from Mithara because it formulated its point the best.

This is NONSENSE. I'm on an RP server so I can talk to, and play with guild mates, friends, and people on my own server, and occasionally with other smaller Cross realm Zoners(CRZ) out in the wilds. 

I am from Cenarion Circle, a small roleplaying server, currently merged with Sisters of Elune. It's a good mix of two small communities that knitted together well after a bit of work; we weren't over-crowded, we were merged so we could see each other's addons, and we could trade and talk normally. 

Blizzard decided to mash the two biggest RP servers, Wyrmrest Accord(WRA) and Moon Guard(MG), together with Cenarion Circle and it's merged realm Sisters of Elune, with BlackwaterRaiders and other servers in a poorly mixed and completely RANDOM Melting Pot of confusion and angry. Stormwind is now PHASED. I can't see my own guildmates on in a building with me, but I sure can see 30 WRA, MG, and other equally confused and angry players milling about yelling, griefing, and complaining! 

Partying with friends sends you to the same phase--eventually--but the huge influx of WRA and MG players still completely squashes CC's small groups, making it impossible to find people to trade or work with even in the cities. WRA and MG have such high populations on their own that they should not be a part of CRZ in cities; it's pointless to do so.

We can't roleplay, we can't talk, and we can't play the GAME this way. Even phasing a city is ridiculous, but phasing it so that guildmates can't play together? Even if this wasn't bugged it would still be abhorrent. Please tell me that this isn't here to stay?

While I understand the point of this and it makes sense that some will be upset. I believe the devs will look at how this is working and find better servers to be paired with one another. So my best advice would be sit tight and relax a little and let things work themselves out. What do you all think?

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