Friday, July 15, 2016

Randos Are Fun

Happy Friday! Yes the day of the week where we just end up thinking about what is going to happen in the couple days to follow. Before you get to that though should read this week's Reader Post from Scyn. He has encountered different types of players and wants to know which you think is the worst type.

So I have been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm and have had to deal with a lot of different types of players. Not to say some of the players haven't been great and fun to play with side by side, but then there are the other players. Some of these just make the game horribly unfun to play. So I have a question which of these 3 types of players do you hate playing with?

(1)A noob is prone to making mistakes more often than not and it could cost you the game.

(2)A flamer starts the blame game and throws insults left right and center to vent his frustration, which ends up distracting everyone. People then reply to the flamer, and this can go back and forth going over everyone's mistakes/bad plays/choice of talents etc, and all this lack of focus can cost you the game.

(3)The pessimist is someone that can seemingly predict the future and voices their resolve "to give up" very early based on the situation. Such as at the start of the game if they dont like/agree with the draft or they dont like the bans, or the enemy gets first blood or you lose the 1st objective etc they'll often reply "gg its lost". They would also say premature things like "Let them end/finish", "can i afk please?, this is pointless". They dont flame anyone per se but the defeatist attitude often causes a deep loss in morale and can cost you the game.

Well honestly I hate playing with all of them. What do you all think? Something to think about for the weekend I guess

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