Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pokemon No

So I assume some of you are playing Pokemon Go. Actually probably a lot of you are playing it. I don't get it I was never a big Pokemon person, but then again I am older than people think I am. Now I may not be as crazy as the picture above from this man in Vancouver, but I must admit it has got pretty crazy.

Now you might think I am overreacting about this, but then I read this article "Auschwitz bans Visitors from playing Pokemon Go". When things have got to this stage something really needs to be done about it. I understand Nintendo is probably having a blast with this "catch them all" attitude but again the extent of people who are willing to go "the extra mile" has been in my mind underestimated.

There have been from what I seen 100s of police reports and complaints about people trespassing just in my area, and this isn't even a large place. This leads me to try and think about how things could be changed, but really with the way the game is setup I have no idea at all. This may actually lead to city bans or other extreme actions with violations happening all over the place.

Now don't get me wrong I love the idea of gamers going insane for something. This really is what I have been wanting to see happen. Also I think the press has lead to non-gamers checking out what all the fuss is about. All I ask is let this not lead to something which humanity will look back on as one of the darkest days of world.

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