Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes your weekend is ending and you really didn't accomplish much of anything. Well just think you really aren't the only one. So instead of thinking about something else to ease into today's post why don't we just get to the questions.

Do you really think Blizzard will change the servers whose RP was effected?

I think they may look into it. They are also trying to think of ways to benefit things from everyone. Over the years there have been things that have been changed for the betterment of the playerbase as a whole. Sadly the RP community while there are people that take part the larger community is more concerned with population and how that effects their gameplay. It is much better to go with this solution then forced server transfers. Just think of the uproar if that was being forced upon people.

Why do you think people are so obsessed with Pokemon Go?

People want what others don't have. Knowing that you don't have everything you could have when you apply it to a gaming atmosphere just makes it a recipe for craziness. Not to mention the card craze that took place years ago now has all those people playing the game. They know how to go the extra mile in terms of crazy. I do think it will die down, but as always these things take time.

Are you enjoying the new patch?

I have yet to make time to do so yet. Will get to it eventually though no worries

There they are this week's questions. Hope you all got something out of them in some way or another. As always thanks to everyone who sent something in it would not be possible to do this without you. Now feel free to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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