Wednesday, July 13, 2016

No Matter What The Cost Or How Terrified

Well it is Wednesday and you are all here looking for a list. Unless you ended up here by mistake, but then you will still be here for a list. So what list then? Well I thought how have I not done a list of the best siblings in the gaming world, and I really couldn't find an answer. So that is why we are here.

5. Bub and Bob - Bubble Bobble Series

These two dragon brothers got us hooked on bubbles back in the 80s and are still doing their thing today. They really paved the way for the non-plumbing  duos

4. Cassandra and Sophitia - Soul Calibur Series

There are a few fighting games worth mentioning in terms of sisters, but none of them have the back story as much as these too. 

3. Giana Sisters - Giana Sisters Series

Started out as a controversy because of how close the game was to a certain pair of brothers. Over the years have grown as their own and deserving spot on this list.

2. Bill and Lance - Contra

Contra really may be the first true co-op game. It changed the gaming world and it really is due to these two brothers doing their thing.

1. Mario and Luigui - Super Mario Brothers Series

If you thought this wasn't going to be number one then I would think you really don't know gaming that well. I don't think there is anyone else close in terms of siblings and recognizably. If you do, well then who? 

There you have it, this week's list. As always think I am wrong or have something to say have plenty of ways to do so.

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