Thursday, July 7, 2016


As much as hate to give companies free publicity this just bothers me. I have never understood why people would want to cheat in video games. No clue why that would give people satisfaction at all, but apparently I must be weird in some respect.

Blizzard is currently suing a Germany company which supplies program hacks to people for Overwatch. They have banned the players caught using these programs, but are now going for the source. They have tried to go after them before, but have been unsuccessful in their attempts. In fact the company Bossland thinks the whole situation is amusing. Can read about it on there blog here.

Now this company is obviously the worst of the worst type of thing. Games are supposed to be fun and really aren't fun when other people are cheating. This is throwing out the whole thing that cheating gets you is "points" which I guess people put on their resume. It is not like you can fake being a pro gamer. You some how don't get caught and then have to play in a controlled environment and you get owned, unless this isn't their goal. If not what could it be? To win games you didn't actually win? Yay fun.

With the company though, what is their goal? Is it to prove they can do this and not get caught? For bragging rights? I honestly don't understand their motivations for such a thing. Is that weird? Do they want some of virtual cookie for sticking it to Blizzard? If you read their blog that is honestly what I get from it. They seem like the type of people that this is all they live for, and if that is the case I am actually sad for them. Obviously they are skilled at something and truthfully they could apply their talents to something more worthwhile then collecting their virtual cookies.

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