Friday, July 8, 2016

Who Will Be The Big Baddie?

Friday. You know that end of the week day where we wonder what we are going to do with yourself for the weekend. While you are in the stage of deep contemplation with that you can read this week's Reader Post. This week it comes from Kazezoku and his thoughts on possible final tier possible bosses. Have a read.

Anyway, so ya... as the title suggests, what do you guys think will be the final raid boss for legion? Reply with who it is obviously and why you think its him/her based off what you have seen in the recent lore in the legion beta.

For me, I'm actually just gonna spitball here and give a few stabs in the dark:

Kil'jaeden: Mainly because the expansion is literally the word legion... not only that but i'm thinking he's probably pretty upset with Archimonde's failure, and either see's us as a potential threat since we were even able to woop archimonde's butt. That or Archimonde may have just told him how real the threat actually is, and therefore may get involved himself. Lets not forget the first time we flushed him back down the sunwell, in plateau. At any rate, they got some cool raid bosses lined up so far, and lezz be honest... a full scale Kil'jaeden with legs and everything as a raid boss would be... amazing.

Azshara: Got super hyped for the eye of Azshara when I heard about it, found out it was a dungeon and then was like... "really blizz"? But then found out she isn't actually in there herself, so that was refreshing. Naga or not... she is the queen of freaking night elves back in the day 10k years ago... there is gonna be some hefty power that comes along with her. What would be epic is if she is at least in a raid, even if she isnt the main boss at the end, which leads me to my final end game boss guess...

N'zoth: So... we all know this bamf has yet to make an appearance, and is last majorly heard of after making the deal with Azshara back then to save herself and her people, to which they become naga. The finally thing he says to her was "and for what we grant you, when the time comes, you will serve us well." Not only that but if we follow the current expansion old god trend, i.e. Vanilla (C'thun), BC (nothing), Wrath (Yogg), Cata (nothing), Mists (Y'sharaj), WoD (nothing), Legion (N'zoth?). 

Anyway... I'm going to leave Sargeras out of this, mainly because he is too major a figure in wow lore for me to really expect him comming over this soon. Not only that but sargeras getting involved in an expansion makes me feel like wow is on the downfall for its expansions, and they have stated that there is so far more future xpacs to come 

Of course this is all speculation and hopes

There you have it something to think about for the weekend. So now you can start enjoying it.

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  1. Assuming lore doesn't have Archimonde perma-dead from HFC, I think the final boss being both Archimonde and Kil'jaeden would be both epic (duh!) and fitting too. By this time Sargeras has got to be getting impatient with the repeated failures on Azeroth, and might be forcing them to make their own appearance at the head of the Legion forces.