Wednesday, July 20, 2016

On The Flightpath

Wednesday! Yes, it is here. As always in Gauss land it is time to create a list about something that I feel is somewhat relevant. With the new Legion Pre-Expansion patch out and all the new things that have been added to the game I thought it would be the perfect time to go over what I thought have been the best features added to World of Warcraft over the years. So here goes.

5. Phasing

Having the world change based upon the quests you have done is something that you never would have thought possible when the game first launch. We were brought this through the the questing experience through Wrath of the Lich King and now it is hard to imagine the game without it.

4. Transmogrification

For years players suffered through unmatching armor and weapons, and dreamed of being able to use the sets and weapons of old. Blizzard was afraid having such a system would lead to a decline in art design in the future. What it did though is allowed the artists to design things more specific and tailor to tastes instead of trying to please everyone with each set, something I believe change everything for the better.

3. LFD

Remember when you had to run to an instance and actually go inside it? Also when you had to group with everyone from your server and were looking for specific people in trade to get it done? Well that was the case before LFD came to be and let you queue from anywhere. This made you see the world less, but it did make for faster completion and less just standing around.

2. PvP System

Before the PvP system people hardly fought anyone of the opposing faction especially on PvE servers. This changed and gave everyone motivation to do so. Sure at first it was a grind, but this system lead to Battlegrounds, and later Arenas think about how much different the game would be without it.

1. Flying

In Classic you took flight paths everywhere. Some of the paths being as long as 15 minutes. Sure you got to see a lot of the countryside. It did though waste your time when you could be doing better things. There have been complaints with it over the years, but the overall result of it being added has been positive.

There you have it the best features that have been added to WoW over the years in my opinion. I assume you have others so as always let me know one way or another.

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