Wednesday, November 30, 2011

4.3 So Far

As many of you know 4.3 was launched yesterday, and if you didn't know then I really have no idea what to say in response to that. So with the launch let me go over a few things that I have noticed and I think are worth mention.


I haven't tried it, but I have there is a problem with invited Real ID friends from cross server to form a group. This to me should be an important part of the system and I have heard at the moment this is working as intended. Also there has been mention that double token drops from the same boss can be won by the same person. As in regular raids this was a possibly, but was always frowned upon. Again this seems to be working as intended, but I would hope Blizzard would auto pass you on loot if you have won a piece and someone else is rolling for the other you rolled on. That sentence sounds awkward, but I assume you all understand the point.


Seems for the new instances this is crash city. Will give you my opinion when I actually get a chance. From what I have been told they are working the same as the PTR with minor changes. Honestly I cannot wait to see them all put together with what has been rumored to be the best musical score Blizzard has even created.


The system I have been asking for, for years is finally here. So know all of you that have been listening to me bitch about it all this time now do not have to. One thing that I have noticed is the level 60 PvP gear is not able to be transmogified(this is a word I will now use till the end of time). This was true on the PTR, but was always assumed to be a bug. I am not really sure why you would want to look like the level 60 PvP models, but it should be an option. Blizzard do the right thing and fix it.

Void Storage

Finally a way to spend gold and a way for me to not be on WoWs first edition of Hoarders. I know I am not the only one to feel this way. I also don't see the gold fees to be a problem it isn't meant to be a bank its purpose is to be a storage locker.

Well there you have it 4.3 is upon us, and now it is time to enjoy it.


  1. SO far so good hopefully it keeps going that way

  2. I tried all three 5-mans last night. They where not too bad.
    It seemed that the mobs and bosses went down fairly fast. I have no idea what the DPS was for the two groups I have been in and did not pay attention to the amount of health everything had.
    There are many abilities that will one-shot you, though.
    End Time was fairly good. To bad that most of it is blocked off by an invisable wall, unlike how Old Hillsbrad was. (Even though it is pointless). The Echo Of Baine, Tyrande and Moruzond fights were pretty good.
    Well of Eternity is my favorite. For the first part of the instance, you have to stealth around along side Illidan to disarm these demon runes. I love the Illidans voice, expessially during monoroth/Captain verothen fight.
    Hour Of Twilight is not too great. Just a gauntlet type of thing. Probably the only "epic" thing about it is fighting Archibishop Benidictus.

    I am just finally glad to be wearing my season 1 warrior and season 2 rogue sets after all this time.

  3. I'm firewalled at work, but read on the forums last night (blue post) there is now a couple vendors in Netherstorm who sell gear identical to Level 60 PvP.

    Yeah, that's right. Instead of fixing an issue that was known early in the PTR, they created a means to make players have to buy gear they already acquired. You can imagine that's not going over very well.

  4. To bad that the majority of it is blocked away by an invisable wall, in contrast to how more mature Hillsbrad was