Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Coming Voices in 4.3

If you have never heard me say it before I will say it again, you have to play with your sound on. In 4.3 we have some great voice acting done again. There is nothing like doing a dungeon or a raid and having a quote ring through. So much so that you always remember it. Think about it, how many of these have occurred since you have been playing WoW. One of the most notable being "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED", but there are countless others.

Today though I decided to share some of the PTR voices with you. If you don't want a spoiler then don't listen to them. Don't say you didn't see me say it then send me countless emails explaining how I ruined the game for you. Some of you may be laughing right now, but I tell you now it will happen. So here are a couple I think are worth listening to.

First we have Murozond the Infinite form of Nozdormu. There seems to be quite a bit of foreshadowing in everything he says, but being the Timeless One this makes perfect sense. Done incredibly well this is going to be one of my favourite for a long time.

If you know nothing of Azshara you may think this voice over is awful, but knowing anything about Azshara you will know how amazing and perfectly done this is. I salute Blizzard extremely well at hitting this one right on the head. Something which is incredibly hard to do with a character so many people have an image in their mind of how it should be.


  1. All I can say is the teenage boys are going to love azshara

  2. Gobottle, I'm a teenage boy, and her voice is.... :)

  3. she sounds like a spoiled little w$%&# which is exactly how she should sound!