Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You Fail At Making Suggestions If...

Fail Day once again. Seems like just last week it was Fail Day. Ok one day I will stop with the idiotic openings, but in the words of Alexandros Mograine "That day is not today". So with the patch coming soon you will notice the suggestion forums are always going crazy. You see whenever there is an incoming patch people find the need to go there are say everything they think should be added or taken out. This is my tribute to those people

You Fail At Making Suggestions If...
  • Your suggestion includes the phrase "this will make me l33t" in it
  • You really make no suggestion and it is just ranting about such and such being overpowered
  • You think you should get gear for just logging in
  • You think Dailies should give more gold so you can do less of them
  • You think it is too hard to make gold and they need to make it easier
  • You wrote a 10 page post about how Blizzard is wrong for adding a legendary dagger and need to change it to a shield
  • You go on and on how Blizzard cares more about PvE than PvP in a PvE game
  • At any point you suggest changing things back to how they were
  • You think certain titles are too hard to get
  • You think playing a mage is too hard compared to other classes
  • Every time there is a major patch you create a topic to state why valor points are ruining the gaming
  • You start your post with "I have a 2400 arena toon, but I am posting on an alt" and expect people to take you seriously and not troll you
  • You complain endless how the game is no balanced towards 1v1 even if every response to your post explains to you how the game isn't meant to be balanced in 1v1
and finally
  • You post as a Pally and think you will be taken seriously
There you have it, this week's edition of fail. Sometimes it really is special to figure out how fail people are. When looking for a quote for this week I really though this one fit well

"That one misunderstands much... and underestimates more."

Good luck this Free Loot Tuesday!


  1. That quote is awesome for this lol. Who said that?

  2. @ Mac
    Broxigar said that to Illidan Stormrage during the war of the ancients