Wednesday, November 2, 2011

World Is Over As We Know It

Today is the day that WoW as we know it will die. It will stop existing because that guardian cub is now going to be available to buy. Blizzard is selling gold by not selling gold. Blizzard is allowing people to buy gold. They are going against everything that they have ever stood for. How could they let this happen? Tomorrow we will wake up and every teir of gear will be available for purchase from the newly created Armor Store. This armor will also be able to be sold on the Auction House in another form to buy and sell gold.

The following week Blizzard will open up the cooking, fish, and herb store where we can then buy all of these supplies and again we can buy and sell them on the auction house. Then in a months time we will have profession stores where we can buy levels for our professions so that we don't have to level them, we can just give Blizzard all of our money. Yes everyone this is Activision ruining Blizzard and everything we love about this game. I know all of this is true because me cousin's friend friend works for Blizzard and told him so so believe it. This game is ruined how could they let this happen.

Sorry I just wanted to see what it was like to be a babbling moron who knows nothing. I actually feel dirty almost as if I leveled a Pally to 10 and then picked ret. I know now exactly how Lady MacBeth felt when she couldn't clean her hands.

So no the world is not ending, but you may see a guardian cub on the Auction House.


  1. LOL that was awesome

  2. I hope that some day Blizz will sell some sort of item that will instantly kill all Blood elves, Pallys and Deathknights.
    Some day..... Some day....

  3. I laughed so hard while reading this for a second I thought you were serious then I realized it was you who was writing this

  4. Aha, brilliant again! XD

    - Jamin

  5. Crack me up - truthsayer extraordinaire. We definitely will have to see if more than one of these Blizzard buying opportunities actually come true:)