Friday, November 18, 2011

Importance of 4.3

It is Friday once again. The day where we do just enough to get by, but not too much as to strain ourselves for the weekend ahead. The day we spend staring at the clock pushing it to tick faster, and the day that we make sure the door is locked and we are on our way home the second we are finished. Isn't Friday wonderful. Friday also though is the the day of the Reader Post, the post of the week where I take a back seat and use your submissions for the topic at hand. This week I asked you all what was the most important thing to you coming in 4.3. So let's see what everyone had to say

Epic gems finally being added finally gives a way improve our character further without upgrades. To allow for more customization. The most important thing though is that these will not come from ore and be prospected. This won't allow for Auction House junkies to gouge the price for people actually playing the game. God forbid the people actually going to use them get them. I love nothing more than reading about how all of these people stockpiled all of this ore and will be left with it all. I can do nothing but laugh at them and their greed.

Darkmoon Island is something I am looking forward too. Especially since it will be a monthly thing and by the time it gets boring it will be new again when it shows up again the following month. Brilliant idea by Blizzard and a great new way to pass time. I cannot wait.

I think this is the patch where we can finally see some individuality. Transmoging gear will allow each and every person to show off their character or character in their own way. Although I am sure many people will just go to the staples of some of the most popular sets. I have confidence that many will develop their own sets based of gear they have found over the years and I cannot wait to walk through the cities and towns of Azeroth and see what everyone has come up with.

Space. It is as simple as that. For years I have been struggling and running off a couple bag slots because I wanted to keep pretty much everything that I have acquired through my travels within the game. With Void storage coming I can finally keep everything without an issue and not have the message "bags are full" every other minute.

I really think the LFR is going to be a huge part of the game as a whole. I think Blizzard's idea to make raiding more accessible and then in turn make players more interested in raiding will make this a huge success. When LFD came so many people who never want or did dungeons suddenly were doing them. They are going with what works and trying to get more and more people to experience the most important part of the game, that being the PvE aspect. I am sure in 6 months and of course when MoP comes out there will be plenty of people praising the introduction of LFR.

There you have it the Reader Post for the week. Thank you to everyone who sent something in even those that didn't get their submission added to the post. I did read them all as always. As always if you are interested in taking part in next week's post make sure to check out Sunday's Ask Gauss post for the topic. Until then have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I agree I think it is beyond funny with the people who had guild banks full of ore. I actually believe that is the very reason Blizzard didn't go the route

  2. Just to put this into context, according to figures released by GuilOx

    "One thousand guilds have now killed the final boss of the Firelands, Heroic Ragnaros, representing 2.0% of active raiding guilds. It is also represents 4.2% of the 23.7k guilds that are currently raiding heroic Firelands and 2.4% of the 42.5k guilds raiding Firelands (normal or heroic). Of the heroic Ragnaros kills, 76% of them have been completed in 10m mode, with 24% done in 25m mode.

    So they 'may' only get into the hands of a small proportion of the player base, it also forces crafters to participate in content they may suck at. In my opinion this is one of the areas Cata fails in.
    As regards gouging, why do people pay the stupid price, their guilds have no jewelcrafters? The answer still lies in the hands of raiding guilds.

    fyi I don't have a high level JC so didn't stockpile or gouge gem prices.

  3. To be honest, we are receive you letter for a long time, so we did not know the any information about this letter.

  4. Space, yes, extremely good imo!!
    Darkmoon Island, maybe. Could work.

    LFR could work, but it won't be the thing that brings back (Wrath type) raiding alone. Need some heavy nerfing to get the majority of the raiders into the two last tiers. Scaling rather than loot. Loot does not motivate people that dislike wiping.

    LFD took away a lot of the atmosphere that running instances had. True, there were idiots before too, but the amount of genuinely fun/interesting runs dropped significantly and i'm not talking content. I'm just talking about the people running them and the attitudes they have. Queues vs. atmosphere. I always choose Atmos (props to Slug!)