Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not My Turkey Day III

Oh it really is something which has become rather special her in Gauss land. Where I celebrate a holiday by not celebrating it and pointing out what it has done to ruin everything. Ruin everything? I can hear the people screaming at their computer screens how I am being such an awful human being. The truth is think about it. This is the day in guild chat where you realize that too much of your guild is made up of Americans. You will sit there before raid time staring at the guild list and talking in guild chat complaining how you cannot raid because people are stuffing their faces. Then everytime someone logs on you cheer in guild chat and real life as you are that much closer to raiding, but how do you cheer? Simple you say thanks for not being American. Although there is that awkward moment when the person says they are in fact are. Then what do you do? Poke fun at him for having no friends or family? Simply ignore what he said? Think how he must be in the washroom on his laptop hiding from everyone? The memories I cannot wait to make.

Seriously though who puts a holiday on a Thursday? Is the purpose to ruin the week of ever being productive? At least here in Canada we make sense and make our holidays on Monday and Friday as to make the day before or after the holiday be a weekend. I will never understand the Thursday thing.

Also what is with the eating dinner at like 2:30 or 3. So not only do you kill the raid time you have taken that guildie who is never offline away from his livelyhood for extended hours. You know how many WoW players must be declared missing because of this?

Most of all when you do log on the last thing I want to hear about or talk about is the football game that I could careless about. But then that doesn't matter, because all the food you ate must have hindered your ability to read as the words "I DON'T CARE" have been covering guild chat for the past 15 minutes of your story. Or better yet when you are on vent you don't even realize that you have been muted for the past hour. The second option does lead to problems the following day when that brand new headset they bought on "Black Friday" doesn't even work and no one can hear them.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans who are about a month and a half late to the party, better late then never I guess.

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