Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You Fail At Trolling Gauss If...

Fail Day! Yes, it is that day once again. Time to make people feel horrible for the benefit of a good laugh. Oh how wonderful a world we live in isn't it? This week I decided to go with a fail topic that was inspired by a commenter last week. Hope you all enjoy it.

You Fail At Trolling Gauss If...
  • You are actually unsure what you are trolling
  • You say the information is not important because you already knew it before it was posted
  • You are adamant it is nothing new, but yet all news sites having to do with WoW have written about it
  • Your argument has nothing to do with anything in the post
  • You missed the countless times I have made fun of my writing style while being a Mathematician
  • You complain about my writing but made numerous spelling mistakes while doing so
  • You say the blog is worthless, but according to IP tracking you checked it 20 times the past 3 days
  • You try to make it look like you are many people, but you must fail to realize a IP is registered every time you comment
  • You think stating the same thing more than once makes you look intelligent
  • You want people to take you seriously but you posted under a name "Goochtickler"
  • You believe the information is useless but yet WoW Insider decided it was worth it.
  • You obviously believe the centre of the universe is not the Sun but your mothers basement
  • You don't think I would take the opportunity to make you feel like the most special person in the world
and finally
  • You think I actually care when you say you will not longer reading my blog
There you have it. Hope you all got a good laugh. Quote wise why not go with everyone's favourite troll

Dis... was our land. TROLL land. We Amani was here before anyone! Da' elves and dere Alliance came to drive us out. But we never give up. We never forget... Da' elves took my eye. I cut off my own arm to escape 'dem... and now, 'de fight alongside da' HORDE?! I SPIT on da' Horde! I hate you, I hate you all...

Good luck this reset.


  1. Zul'jin ftw

    Also that centre of the universe line was amazing so going to use that.

  2. "You obviously believe the centre of the universe is not the Sun but your mothers basement"
    This one made me laugh so damn hard when I read it at work. Thank you for making me almost look as stupid as Baggellord. lol >.<

  3. Ah, I could read these all day /clap

    - Jamin