Friday, November 4, 2011

Fan Art Collection

Friday is here everyone, and can you believe it is the first Friday in November already. I sure can't seems like it will be Christmas soon without even thinking about it. Regardless of how fast time seems to be going it is Friday, that meaning it is the Reader Post day. This week I asked for something different. I wanted all of you to submit a piece of Fan Art and tell me why you like it. It could have been your own piece or one you have seen. I picked a few of them to post on here so this Reader Post will be for your viewing pleasure.

This is probably the best piece of Artwork I have ever seen of Orgrimmar. Sure it is of the old Orgrimmar but there really is nothing else like it. The attention to detail is that of a complete masterpiece. The artist really should be proud of this.

Yes this is a little cartoony but I really enjoy this one because it shows how crazy ones bank can be over the years. Also it shows how if player housing existed how your "room" could be decorated. Anyone who has played since classic WoW I am pretty sure can pick out what everything is in this picture, which makes it that much more awesome.

I really don't think this picture needs words it is just epic because Rexxar is in it. I really wish they brought him back into the game in some way. He is connected to Chen so who knows maybe we will see him in the expansion.

When I first saw this I really had no idea what it was, but I knew it looked cool. I then looked at it more and noticed they were the same person, and not just that but then I noticed the name of it "End Time" this is Noz fighting Noz Present vs Future each pushing for dominence. Truly amazing display.

How can you not love this. Everyone always wonders where Arthas' Body is and this picture shows at somewhere it was on display, and Jaina did in fact have that moment that every lore buff thought she deserved with the man she was supposed to marry before everything went so very wrong for him. I know you and all your readers will enjoy this just for all the magnitude of lore involved in it.

There you have it that is it for this week's Reader Post. Hope you all enjoyed all of these wonderful pieces of Fan Art. If you are interested in participating in next week's Reader Post look for the topic during Sunday's Ask Gauss Post. Until then have a great weekend everyone!


  1. That org one is really something, but that Jaina and Arthas one is one that i know will make many shed a tear

  2. the rouge one is sweet my room would look just like that!