Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blizzard Fails At 4.3 Trailer

Today is Fail day. Everyone's favourite day of the week here in Gauss Land. Today you probably know is also the day that 4.3 goes live. Because of this I had my standard Fail Day post prepared dealing with it being patch day. I was already to go ahead with it when something happened. One thing that I truly enjoy about patch days is that Blizzard releases trailers about the particular patch and what we have before us. I was excited to see what epic trailer they would have come up with. As has been in previous expansions. The Sunwell Trailer brought the entire Burning Crusade to the forefront and what we have been fighting for. In Wrath Blizzard did amazing job with their Fall of the Lich King trailer, in my opinion the best trailer of Wrath and one of the best they have ever done. So with those in mind the anticipation I had for the Hour of Twilight trailer was very high.

Then, of course, I viewed it this morning. Blizzard has never failed harder at something then they did at this. There was no voice acting at all, yes the music was mostly original, and there was some camera work done, but that is it. There was no epic feel to it whatsoever. There was nothing that made you say "Yes, I have to be apart of that!" or "Damn he is so badass". There was words coming on the screen the most fail way of telling you what was coming. These trailers have become Blizzard's way to showcase the content, and sure they show you things, but that was it. The trailer is not going to make you want to play in 4.3. It was as if it was just thrown together quickly without a thought.

Now I know many of you are saying it is just a trailer and it means nothing to the game. To answer that I would say it does mean something. It shows how much Blizzard cares and is excited about the content they are releasing. To me this shows a complete lackluster effort and a complete failure to end this expansion with what is their crowning jewel raid. If you think I am overreacting here are the 3 trailers from Cataclysm

Now if that isn't enough to show you how fail this trailer is. Here is a fan revision of the current trailer that just added sound files. And tell me that this in itself isn't 1000x better.

Enjoy your first day of 4.3 when you actually get on to get a chance to experience it. Until then you can bitch about the trailer with me.


  1. WOW I completely agree their trailer was absolute crap compared to the others. How did they even let it be released like that?

  2. wow, that was at least 1000x better

  3. Aha, I'm with you Gauss! That fan made version is so much more.. Compelling!

    - Jamin

  4. Damn, the fan revision is awesome. Shoulda gone with that.

  5. You are totally right, 4.3 video sucked. But I started looking through the old videos and noticed that the 3.2 video was the same way, FRAPS'd gameplay, no voice overs, overall crap. And that was for a filler patch to buy time before ICC was released. Does that put 4.3 and the death of Neltharion at an equivalent plateau in Blizzard's eyes? hrmm....

  6. 4.3 trailer = blizzard faliure.
    im so down to bitch about the trailer with ya. ;) lol