Friday, November 11, 2011

In Remembrance Of Those We Lost

Today for those of you who don't know in Canada is known as Remembrance Day. It is a day to remember those who gave their lives for their country and for those within it so they can have a better life. On this day at the 11th hour a moment of silence is held  all across the country. I thought on this day the Reader Post we would apply this to those that have lost their lives in Azeroth this past year, and remember them.

Magni Bronzebeard was someone that really knew that all the world was connected. Everytime I head into Old Ironforge and see his body there turned to stone it really is a sad sight. He always knew what needed to be done. Someone who I believe could have lead the Alliance as a whole in a much better way than Varian ever could. Cheers Magni I we will never forget you.

I think it is worth mentioning the countless NPCs that were lost during the battles of South Shore and Camp Taurajo. I am not sure how the Alliance quests work with remembering those who lost their lives in South Shore but the Horde quests do a pretty good job for the Taurajo NPCs.

Old Blanchy. What a wonderful horse and NPC. For anyone who ever quested in the old Westfall they know how much this NPC meant to everyone. It was always the highlight of my low level questing experience. I also like how the new quests take it to a whole new level. So my moment for sure is for Old Blanchy.

She died die this past year, but anyone who has ever quested in the barrnes knows about Mankrik`s wife. You may have never found her or even know how she died, but she will never be forgotten. Poor Mankrik all these years having to endure the pain. I salute you nameless female orc you are an inspiration to us all.

There you have it. This week`s Edition of the Reader Post. Thank you to all who sent in something it would not be possible without your submissions. If you would like to participate in next week`s Reader Post look for the topic during Sunday`s Ask Gauss. Lastly I would like to thank everyone past and those current who have given their lives so that I may have a better one. Your sacrifice does not go unappreciated.


  1. Well done, to all who gave everything and to those who still march on!


  2. I considered doing something similar for my Remembrance Day, but the only thing that came to mind was remembering former guildmates. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough screenshots (which prompted the thought of where did they go).

    Also, here's to being a fellow Canuck (which I don't think I noticed or knew before).

  3. /Cheers but I take that back if you are a Habs fan.

  4. Leaf fan eh?

    Long time Red Wing fan migrating towards Tampa. Essentially an Yzerman fan for life.