Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You Fail At Knowing What is Coming With 4.3 If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! Yes, that is right it is Tuesday once again and your chance to laugh at those who are unfortunately clueless. Don't feel bad that you know more than others embrace it and point at those who fail. That is the spirit of Fail Day, and never forget that. With 4.3 closing I thought it was the perfect time to sit back and point out how little some know about the upcoming patch. So enjoy!

You Fail At Knowing What is Coming With 4.3 If...
  • You think there will be Pandas
  • You believe End Time meant that you had to buy a new game card
  • You are clearing out your bank of old gear because there just isn't a point to have it anymore
  • You keep asking if the Darkmoon Faire is in Thunder Bluff next month
  • You are super excited for the Abyssal Maw dungeon
  • You are stockpiling Valor points to spend on the new gear
  • You have your stockpiles of ore ready to prospect
  • You some how came to the conclusion that all your failures in raids by standing in Void Zones will be recorded and put in Void Storage thereby making applying to top end guilds you have no business applying to will know how awful you are
  • You think it is super Blizzard isn't giving us a new raid
  • You cannot believe Blizzard is not putting in a way to make your characters more original instead they are just putting in stupid futures with long words to confuse us
  • You were not aware you could expand your horrible DPS, Healing, and Tanking abilities in Heroics to a whole new level in the LFR
  • The words "Why do rogues always have to share their legendaries with Warriors" has come out of your mouth
  • You some how think a patch exists where there is not a warrior nerf
and finally
  • You were not aware it is the showdown with a dragon named Deathwing
There it is. This week's edition of Fail. With 4.3 coming I thought the decision of who the quote should be from was pretty obvious

"The sun has set on this mortal world, fools. Make peace with your end, for the Hour of Twilight falls!"

Good luck on which could be the very last reset before 4.3.


  1. I really believe that is one of the best Deathwing quotes there is. That conversation between Alexstraza and Deathwing is nothing short of spectacular

  2. I loved the void zone part :D

  3. Think you grabbed a large chunk of the player-base their XD

    - Jamin