Wednesday, November 30, 2011

4.3 So Far

As many of you know 4.3 was launched yesterday, and if you didn't know then I really have no idea what to say in response to that. So with the launch let me go over a few things that I have noticed and I think are worth mention.


I haven't tried it, but I have there is a problem with invited Real ID friends from cross server to form a group. This to me should be an important part of the system and I have heard at the moment this is working as intended. Also there has been mention that double token drops from the same boss can be won by the same person. As in regular raids this was a possibly, but was always frowned upon. Again this seems to be working as intended, but I would hope Blizzard would auto pass you on loot if you have won a piece and someone else is rolling for the other you rolled on. That sentence sounds awkward, but I assume you all understand the point.


Seems for the new instances this is crash city. Will give you my opinion when I actually get a chance. From what I have been told they are working the same as the PTR with minor changes. Honestly I cannot wait to see them all put together with what has been rumored to be the best musical score Blizzard has even created.


The system I have been asking for, for years is finally here. So know all of you that have been listening to me bitch about it all this time now do not have to. One thing that I have noticed is the level 60 PvP gear is not able to be transmogified(this is a word I will now use till the end of time). This was true on the PTR, but was always assumed to be a bug. I am not really sure why you would want to look like the level 60 PvP models, but it should be an option. Blizzard do the right thing and fix it.

Void Storage

Finally a way to spend gold and a way for me to not be on WoWs first edition of Hoarders. I know I am not the only one to feel this way. I also don't see the gold fees to be a problem it isn't meant to be a bank its purpose is to be a storage locker.

Well there you have it 4.3 is upon us, and now it is time to enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blizzard Fails At 4.3 Trailer

Today is Fail day. Everyone's favourite day of the week here in Gauss Land. Today you probably know is also the day that 4.3 goes live. Because of this I had my standard Fail Day post prepared dealing with it being patch day. I was already to go ahead with it when something happened. One thing that I truly enjoy about patch days is that Blizzard releases trailers about the particular patch and what we have before us. I was excited to see what epic trailer they would have come up with. As has been in previous expansions. The Sunwell Trailer brought the entire Burning Crusade to the forefront and what we have been fighting for. In Wrath Blizzard did amazing job with their Fall of the Lich King trailer, in my opinion the best trailer of Wrath and one of the best they have ever done. So with those in mind the anticipation I had for the Hour of Twilight trailer was very high.

Then, of course, I viewed it this morning. Blizzard has never failed harder at something then they did at this. There was no voice acting at all, yes the music was mostly original, and there was some camera work done, but that is it. There was no epic feel to it whatsoever. There was nothing that made you say "Yes, I have to be apart of that!" or "Damn he is so badass". There was words coming on the screen the most fail way of telling you what was coming. These trailers have become Blizzard's way to showcase the content, and sure they show you things, but that was it. The trailer is not going to make you want to play in 4.3. It was as if it was just thrown together quickly without a thought.

Now I know many of you are saying it is just a trailer and it means nothing to the game. To answer that I would say it does mean something. It shows how much Blizzard cares and is excited about the content they are releasing. To me this shows a complete lackluster effort and a complete failure to end this expansion with what is their crowning jewel raid. If you think I am overreacting here are the 3 trailers from Cataclysm

Now if that isn't enough to show you how fail this trailer is. Here is a fan revision of the current trailer that just added sound files. And tell me that this in itself isn't 1000x better.

Enjoy your first day of 4.3 when you actually get on to get a chance to experience it. Until then you can bitch about the trailer with me.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Boom De Yada WoW

Monday Morning the time everyone wish didn't exist. So with it being Monday and being Machinima Monday I decided to go with a Machinima which is older, but will want you break into song. It is by Irdeen and is a WoW version of the popular Discovery Channel song. If you have seen it I know you will enjoy just as much as you always have, and if you haven't seen it you are in for quite a treat. Hope you enjoy what will always be a machinima classic

Good luck on what could be your very last day before 4.3

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ask Gauss

Sunday is upon us and you should know what that means. Yes it is time for Ask Gauss again. The post of the week where I answer some of the questions sent to me throughout the week. If you want to send in a question and are unsure how to do so it is really simple. There is a link on the top right of the page which you can click on or you can just send your emails directly to Either way you decide to do it they get to me. So with that out of the way let's just get to the questions.
So the post you did about the new voices coming in 4.3 you said that Azshara is one of the best for hitting the character right on the head. If she is one of the best who do you think is the best?

Well as I said the other day Queen Azshara was done extremely well. I think anyone who knows anything about the character will know it would be hard to be any better than it was. Although I know some have told me they thought her voice was cheesy and overdone, but anyone who takes that route I don't think knows enough about the character as a whole. As for your question on who I think was done better? I thought about this for awhile and just kept coming back to the same one, Teron Gorefiend. Many may not know much about him, but if you do anytime you are a part of his encounter in Black Temple and he says "YOU WILL SHOW THE PROPER RESPECT" you know exactly what I mean. Here is the audio for his encounter.

With the Star Wars game coming out December do you think it will finally be the WoW killer?

Every time a new MMO comes out it is always the game that will "kill" WoW. What does this mean exactly? I take it as the MMO that will take over WoW's subscriber numbers. Everyone said RIFT was on its way to doing that. Honestly ask the question how often you hear about RIFT lately. TOR is going to be a great game. I probably won't play it because I am just not that into the whole Star Wars thing enough to devote myself to something like that. To me though no game is ever going to be the one to kill WoW. What is going to kill WoW is time. The game now is already 7 years old, there isn't going to be a game that is going to come out and just crush WoWs numbers.  Time will pass and players will grow tired with the game, and will move on to something else. So to answer your question no TOR will not kill WoW it may take some of it subscribers, but that will only push Blizzard to be more active in developing their game.

What ever happened to you talking about other games other than WoW?

Not sure just been plenty to talk about WoW wise. I will get to it don't worry.

There you go questions answered for the week. Hope you all got something out of it. As for next week's Reader Post I want you to tell me who your favourite encounter is voice wise, and don't forget to tell me why either. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Did You Think Of the Commercial?

So it is Saturday and I know what you are thinking. Gauss don't you take Saturday off? The answer to that question is yes, but yesterday I was busy and could not get the Reader Post up so instead of skipping it for the week and ignoring all the emails I got contributing to it I decided to make the post on my day off. I know you are should be thankful for me doing so. I will give you 30 seconds to give thanks for me for doing so................... Ok that should do it. Now that, that is out of the way. For this week's Reader Post I wanted to know what all of you thought of the new WoW commercial featuring Chuck Norris, so let's hear what all of you thought.

I think it is a shame they didn't wait to use Chuck Norris till they did MoP. To me that would have been like doing the Ozzie commercial not in Wrath. Besides that I am glad they have gone back to the silly style commercials that everyone has known and loved for years. To me that is what making a good commercial is all about, making something that people will remember because it was funny.

It was a pretty goofy commercial. Seems to be pandering to the existing player base rather than trying to get new people to play. The revamped 1-60 zones combined with the dwindling player base seems like one of the worst uses of resources ever. Speaking of bad resource management, if that human character model isn't used for anything else other than this commercial that is airing before we get a new raid to fight clones of Vezzax, a boss from stonecore, a tauren male, a female worgen, and every dragon model ever I am going to pissed at blizzard.

Well I guess we will see a massive amount of hunters created now relating to Chuck Norris. Oh how I cannot wait for that. Besides that it was funny and I do hope they some how use that human model in game would be such a waste if they didn't.

Although i enjoyed it and appreciated the humor, i have to wonder what the objective was. Why use old vanilla style graphics? The game has some AMAZING areas they could have showed off while still keeping it fun. If I watched it but did not know WoW yet, there is no way I'd be enticed to play based on what I saw. If anything, I might think, "Hey nice looking game for my 5 year old kid".

A really funny commercial, he is a hunter in that he is a predator and can not lose. Hence they say he does not hunt because that means he can fail. He is obviously a monk, the reason for the tiger could have been in reference to either he doesn't need help to kill or maybe the dps spec will get a pet as ele shamans can summon the ghost wolves. Overall a funny commercial that would only have been funnier if his beard punched someone.

Personally for me, this commercial being released now, at the time when WoW is celebrating its 7th anniversary might say more about this commercial being a tribute to its subscribers who people that have played WoW before hence the nostalgia attached with it. And Chuck Norris showing off what might possibly be an updated human model as well as quite possibly some monk animations was a way to let the current WoW players get a slight hint of what was coming out next in MoP. Overall, this commercial was funny and did its job of reliving the nostalgia of what made WoW so great in the first place. Maybe the whiners are alliance cause they didn't get to experience the epic barrens chat!

There you have it, this week's Reader Post even if it is a day late. That you to everyone who submitted something and thank you to all those who questioned if I was alive or not for not posting yesterday. If you are interested in participating in next week's Reader Post, look for the topic during Sunday's Ask Gauss post. Until then have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not My Turkey Day III

Oh it really is something which has become rather special her in Gauss land. Where I celebrate a holiday by not celebrating it and pointing out what it has done to ruin everything. Ruin everything? I can hear the people screaming at their computer screens how I am being such an awful human being. The truth is think about it. This is the day in guild chat where you realize that too much of your guild is made up of Americans. You will sit there before raid time staring at the guild list and talking in guild chat complaining how you cannot raid because people are stuffing their faces. Then everytime someone logs on you cheer in guild chat and real life as you are that much closer to raiding, but how do you cheer? Simple you say thanks for not being American. Although there is that awkward moment when the person says they are in fact are. Then what do you do? Poke fun at him for having no friends or family? Simply ignore what he said? Think how he must be in the washroom on his laptop hiding from everyone? The memories I cannot wait to make.

Seriously though who puts a holiday on a Thursday? Is the purpose to ruin the week of ever being productive? At least here in Canada we make sense and make our holidays on Monday and Friday as to make the day before or after the holiday be a weekend. I will never understand the Thursday thing.

Also what is with the eating dinner at like 2:30 or 3. So not only do you kill the raid time you have taken that guildie who is never offline away from his livelyhood for extended hours. You know how many WoW players must be declared missing because of this?

Most of all when you do log on the last thing I want to hear about or talk about is the football game that I could careless about. But then that doesn't matter, because all the food you ate must have hindered your ability to read as the words "I DON'T CARE" have been covering guild chat for the past 15 minutes of your story. Or better yet when you are on vent you don't even realize that you have been muted for the past hour. The second option does lead to problems the following day when that brand new headset they bought on "Black Friday" doesn't even work and no one can hear them.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans who are about a month and a half late to the party, better late then never I guess.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Coming Voices in 4.3

If you have never heard me say it before I will say it again, you have to play with your sound on. In 4.3 we have some great voice acting done again. There is nothing like doing a dungeon or a raid and having a quote ring through. So much so that you always remember it. Think about it, how many of these have occurred since you have been playing WoW. One of the most notable being "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED", but there are countless others.

Today though I decided to share some of the PTR voices with you. If you don't want a spoiler then don't listen to them. Don't say you didn't see me say it then send me countless emails explaining how I ruined the game for you. Some of you may be laughing right now, but I tell you now it will happen. So here are a couple I think are worth listening to.

First we have Murozond the Infinite form of Nozdormu. There seems to be quite a bit of foreshadowing in everything he says, but being the Timeless One this makes perfect sense. Done incredibly well this is going to be one of my favourite for a long time.

If you know nothing of Azshara you may think this voice over is awful, but knowing anything about Azshara you will know how amazing and perfectly done this is. I salute Blizzard extremely well at hitting this one right on the head. Something which is incredibly hard to do with a character so many people have an image in their mind of how it should be.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You Fail At Knowing What is Coming With 4.3 If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! Yes, that is right it is Tuesday once again and your chance to laugh at those who are unfortunately clueless. Don't feel bad that you know more than others embrace it and point at those who fail. That is the spirit of Fail Day, and never forget that. With 4.3 closing I thought it was the perfect time to sit back and point out how little some know about the upcoming patch. So enjoy!

You Fail At Knowing What is Coming With 4.3 If...
  • You think there will be Pandas
  • You believe End Time meant that you had to buy a new game card
  • You are clearing out your bank of old gear because there just isn't a point to have it anymore
  • You keep asking if the Darkmoon Faire is in Thunder Bluff next month
  • You are super excited for the Abyssal Maw dungeon
  • You are stockpiling Valor points to spend on the new gear
  • You have your stockpiles of ore ready to prospect
  • You some how came to the conclusion that all your failures in raids by standing in Void Zones will be recorded and put in Void Storage thereby making applying to top end guilds you have no business applying to will know how awful you are
  • You think it is super Blizzard isn't giving us a new raid
  • You cannot believe Blizzard is not putting in a way to make your characters more original instead they are just putting in stupid futures with long words to confuse us
  • You were not aware you could expand your horrible DPS, Healing, and Tanking abilities in Heroics to a whole new level in the LFR
  • The words "Why do rogues always have to share their legendaries with Warriors" has come out of your mouth
  • You some how think a patch exists where there is not a warrior nerf
and finally
  • You were not aware it is the showdown with a dragon named Deathwing
There it is. This week's edition of Fail. With 4.3 coming I thought the decision of who the quote should be from was pretty obvious

"The sun has set on this mortal world, fools. Make peace with your end, for the Hour of Twilight falls!"

Good luck on which could be the very last reset before 4.3.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wowcrendor's Compilation of Amazing

Monday morning oh what a an awful morning. Mostly because it is Monday and Monday's are awful in every way possible. So when thinking about which machinima to showcase on this Machinima Monday I decided to go with something that will make you all laugh. WoWcrendor has been around for awhile and he decided to make this video. Here is his own description of it.

I have been on Youtube for almost 3 years now, have almost 65k subscribers, and have uploaded almost 200 videos. In that time-span, I have never made any sort of "1 year" video, or "100 vids" video, or even a 10k, 20k, 50k subscriber video. This got me thinking of doing something that normal people do for those occasions, such as a compilation of all their videos... so that's what I did.

Happy 2 year, 9.5 month, 64k subscriber, 179th vid anniversary of me making videos and you watching them!

Just sit back and enjoy

Good luck last day before reset.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ask Gauss

It is Sunday the first day of the week and the day of the week that is followed by the least favourite day of the week. But does anyone actually hate Sunday? I really don't think they do. Sunday in Gauss land though you should know is the day I sit back look at some questions asked to me during the week and then I answer them. So let's get to it.

I saw during the Reader Post that one was concerning epic gems, are you in favour of them being drops rather then from ore?

I was actually a big fan of the TBC system. Where they dropped in raids and later on were able to be purchased with badges. This is why. Epic gems should be treated just like epics. They should not be able to be gotten without participating in a raid which drops them or you will have to pay the price with either their hard earned badges or now would be points, or you had to by a crazy amount of gold. Prospecting allowed people who shouldn't have had access to something access to it, but that really was the model of rather and that which they are trying to get away from. So I am in favour of the Cata system although it has flaws it is much better than the wrath system.

What do you think of the 7 year anniversary award being a Tabard?

Well it being a tabard and it having an experience buff is a great idea. What i think is rather lazy is the fact that the tabard itself is not a new design. It was the tabard that was won originally during the PVP event back in Classic for those that got the highest Honor during the event. Now normally when they regift things they change the colour or give a slight design change, but they didn't really do that this time which is rather disappointing.

You going to watch the new WoW commerical?

I am not going to tune into a football game just to watch it. I will watch it on youtube afterwards.

There you have it this week's edition of Ask Gauss. For next week's Reader Post I want to know what you thought of the new WoW commercial. As always you have until Thursday night to get your submission in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Importance of 4.3

It is Friday once again. The day where we do just enough to get by, but not too much as to strain ourselves for the weekend ahead. The day we spend staring at the clock pushing it to tick faster, and the day that we make sure the door is locked and we are on our way home the second we are finished. Isn't Friday wonderful. Friday also though is the the day of the Reader Post, the post of the week where I take a back seat and use your submissions for the topic at hand. This week I asked you all what was the most important thing to you coming in 4.3. So let's see what everyone had to say

Epic gems finally being added finally gives a way improve our character further without upgrades. To allow for more customization. The most important thing though is that these will not come from ore and be prospected. This won't allow for Auction House junkies to gouge the price for people actually playing the game. God forbid the people actually going to use them get them. I love nothing more than reading about how all of these people stockpiled all of this ore and will be left with it all. I can do nothing but laugh at them and their greed.

Darkmoon Island is something I am looking forward too. Especially since it will be a monthly thing and by the time it gets boring it will be new again when it shows up again the following month. Brilliant idea by Blizzard and a great new way to pass time. I cannot wait.

I think this is the patch where we can finally see some individuality. Transmoging gear will allow each and every person to show off their character or character in their own way. Although I am sure many people will just go to the staples of some of the most popular sets. I have confidence that many will develop their own sets based of gear they have found over the years and I cannot wait to walk through the cities and towns of Azeroth and see what everyone has come up with.

Space. It is as simple as that. For years I have been struggling and running off a couple bag slots because I wanted to keep pretty much everything that I have acquired through my travels within the game. With Void storage coming I can finally keep everything without an issue and not have the message "bags are full" every other minute.

I really think the LFR is going to be a huge part of the game as a whole. I think Blizzard's idea to make raiding more accessible and then in turn make players more interested in raiding will make this a huge success. When LFD came so many people who never want or did dungeons suddenly were doing them. They are going with what works and trying to get more and more people to experience the most important part of the game, that being the PvE aspect. I am sure in 6 months and of course when MoP comes out there will be plenty of people praising the introduction of LFR.

There you have it the Reader Post for the week. Thank you to everyone who sent something in even those that didn't get their submission added to the post. I did read them all as always. As always if you are interested in taking part in next week's post make sure to check out Sunday's Ask Gauss post for the topic. Until then have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

For Those With Bad Luck

In case you didn't know currently there is an event on the PTR where Deathwing informs you that you can now face him in the Dragon Soul Raid. He visits Orgrimmar and Stormwind and sets it aflame. Now from a lore stand point I am not sure I like this. Since Orgrimmar had to be rebuilt when the fire elementals attacked and set the city on fire. But now Deathwing is going to set it on fire and it will just disappear and everyone will be on their merry way. So from that stand point I don't particularly like it, but there is a lot of in game mechanics that lore was don't make much sense so I guess I can live with it.

The thing to remember though is this would all but guarantee everyone would get the feat of strength for getting hit by Deathwing because who isn't standing around in Orgrimmar or Stormwind? Now this kind of makes the feat of strength less awesome, but it never really was more than just luck anyway. So the people who some how are hated by RNG so much will finally get whats coming to them, a pissed off dragon is going to flyby and murder them.

Another thing to note is this could just be a PTR thing, but only time will tell if that is the case. Here is a couple videos of the event happening in either city

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War

So you all know that I am a huge fan of the lore of Warcraft. I am also not bias, although I am Horde for life. I do not exclude myself from being up to date on all the Alliance Lore, as well. I like to be informed and able to answer any questions about the universe in general and make predictions on what could occur in the future. Why? Because sitting back and waiting for everything to happen is not fun to me. Being told and not being able to question it doesn't fly with me either. If something doesn't make sense I will say right away why it doesn't. I will also be right there to defend why something could work. Perfect example of that is the Tauren adaption to the light to become Priests and Paladins. So what does this have to do with anything? Well simple, you can now pre-order the book called Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War.

The release date is set at the moment for June 12 2012. Now obviously this book is about Jaina and expanding of her character, but it is my opinion that this book is the precursor for Mists of Pandaria expansion. Just like Arthas: Rise of the Lich King and The Shattering, were for the previous expansions. This is the book that will give us all the background information on what is to come. Now I am not just saying this because it is the next book coming out, although I could have. The key I believe is in "tides of war". We know the expansion is going to be about the intensifying conflict between the Horde and the Alliance, but one thing to take note of is we know the Horde attacks and takes Theramore, and who rules Theramore? Well Jaina of course. This will be the event that sets off everything. Also remember where Jaina comes from Kul'Tiras, a naval nation, what is the event that the Horde and the Alliance end up on Pandaria? A large Naval battle. Coincidence? I think not.

Also this book serves as a purpose to shut up all the Alliance who are all over Blizzard for expanding on the Horde lore and never touching the Alliance. Something which is completely false, but it should shut them up. So excited, interested? Of course, but until then I will be speculating about it like crazy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You Fail At Making Suggestions If...

Fail Day once again. Seems like just last week it was Fail Day. Ok one day I will stop with the idiotic openings, but in the words of Alexandros Mograine "That day is not today". So with the patch coming soon you will notice the suggestion forums are always going crazy. You see whenever there is an incoming patch people find the need to go there are say everything they think should be added or taken out. This is my tribute to those people

You Fail At Making Suggestions If...
  • Your suggestion includes the phrase "this will make me l33t" in it
  • You really make no suggestion and it is just ranting about such and such being overpowered
  • You think you should get gear for just logging in
  • You think Dailies should give more gold so you can do less of them
  • You think it is too hard to make gold and they need to make it easier
  • You wrote a 10 page post about how Blizzard is wrong for adding a legendary dagger and need to change it to a shield
  • You go on and on how Blizzard cares more about PvE than PvP in a PvE game
  • At any point you suggest changing things back to how they were
  • You think certain titles are too hard to get
  • You think playing a mage is too hard compared to other classes
  • Every time there is a major patch you create a topic to state why valor points are ruining the gaming
  • You start your post with "I have a 2400 arena toon, but I am posting on an alt" and expect people to take you seriously and not troll you
  • You complain endless how the game is no balanced towards 1v1 even if every response to your post explains to you how the game isn't meant to be balanced in 1v1
and finally
  • You post as a Pally and think you will be taken seriously
There you have it, this week's edition of fail. Sometimes it really is special to figure out how fail people are. When looking for a quote for this week I really though this one fit well

"That one misunderstands much... and underestimates more."

Good luck this Free Loot Tuesday!

Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Not Quite Illegal Danish #1

Happy Monday morning everyone! Well it probably isn't happy, but it is Monday. Monday being the day where I take the responsibility of making your day suck less with Machinima Monday. When choosing what to go with today there really wasn't much of a choice. I am a huge fan of Myndflame and have been since the beginning. The beginning was when the Illegal Danish started. Now we have this new series which has started called "It's Not Quite Illegal Danish" and all I can say about it is that it is just as epic as the originals. So sit back press play and have a good laugh.

Hope you all enjoyed, and if you are like me you cannot wait for the next part. Last day before reset good luck kicking ass!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ask Gauss

It is Sunday once again. I am awake rested and ready to go. At least it is that way at the moment. Ask me in a few hours and I would probably answer that question much differently. Anyways, being Sunday it is time for Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I get to answer questions sent to me throughout the week. So let's just get to it

With 4.3 getting close, have any good gold tips?

The thing with 4.3 is there isn't that main commodity that is going to change everything. Like any other patch people will be needing to enchant and gem their new gear. This is not going to change and this is always a tip that I will say to stick with each and every patch. The only thing I can say which will be 4.3 specific that will bring you in more gold is old gear that will be used for transmog purposes. Tier 0 and Tier 1 pieces which are perfect examples of this. Once the system becomes available those who haven't started to assemble these old sets might be looking to get their hands on them. Of course this isn't going to be a major gold maker, but it is something worth looking at.

What do you think will be the hardest thing Blizzard will be doing to make sure 4.3 is a success?

This is pretty simple. Everyone is talking about the fight with Deathwing and how it has to be epic. All this is true it has to be epic and it will be. Also how the cinematic has to be something that everyone will remember just like the Wrath ending. To me though the most important part of the patch are the 5 man instances. Not everyone raids and as that is important to the PvE community the 5 mans as the precursor to raid will define how successful the patch is for every player. If they are too easy too the masses right off the bad then people get bored with content quickly regardless of all the extras being added. If they are something to work towards then the boredness factor will not be wide spread and the begging for the expansion to be released will not happen within weeks of the patch being live.

Any thoughts on WoWCrusher?

You deserve everything you get if you steal the work of others and pass it off as your own.

There you have it this week's Ask Gauss. Hope you all got something out of it. For those waiting for it next week's Reader Post is going to what you think is the most important thing to happen in 4.3. As always you have until Thursday night to get you submissions in. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, November 11, 2011

In Remembrance Of Those We Lost

Today for those of you who don't know in Canada is known as Remembrance Day. It is a day to remember those who gave their lives for their country and for those within it so they can have a better life. On this day at the 11th hour a moment of silence is held  all across the country. I thought on this day the Reader Post we would apply this to those that have lost their lives in Azeroth this past year, and remember them.

Magni Bronzebeard was someone that really knew that all the world was connected. Everytime I head into Old Ironforge and see his body there turned to stone it really is a sad sight. He always knew what needed to be done. Someone who I believe could have lead the Alliance as a whole in a much better way than Varian ever could. Cheers Magni I we will never forget you.

I think it is worth mentioning the countless NPCs that were lost during the battles of South Shore and Camp Taurajo. I am not sure how the Alliance quests work with remembering those who lost their lives in South Shore but the Horde quests do a pretty good job for the Taurajo NPCs.

Old Blanchy. What a wonderful horse and NPC. For anyone who ever quested in the old Westfall they know how much this NPC meant to everyone. It was always the highlight of my low level questing experience. I also like how the new quests take it to a whole new level. So my moment for sure is for Old Blanchy.

She died die this past year, but anyone who has ever quested in the barrnes knows about Mankrik`s wife. You may have never found her or even know how she died, but she will never be forgotten. Poor Mankrik all these years having to endure the pain. I salute you nameless female orc you are an inspiration to us all.

There you have it. This week`s Edition of the Reader Post. Thank you to all who sent in something it would not be possible without your submissions. If you would like to participate in next week`s Reader Post look for the topic during Sunday`s Ask Gauss. Lastly I would like to thank everyone past and those current who have given their lives so that I may have a better one. Your sacrifice does not go unappreciated.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

4.3 Sooner Than Expected

There have been two things which point to this frame of thinking


Arena and Rated Battleground Season 10 is scheduled to end as early as November 15. At that point we will determine who is eligible for the end-of-season rewards, a process that should take approximately one week. It's very important for players who feel that they may be eligible for Arena titles and/or the Vicious Gladiator’s Twilight Drake to refrain from transferring their characters to another realm or faction until after Season 10 ends. During the break between seasons, all Rated Battleground and Arena matches will be unavailable.

First off if the PTR is already on the release and we know the current build has minimal changes this points to 4.3 being at minimum a week Tuesday. In addition the End of the PvP season points even more so to this going right out and saying that November 15th could be the earliest date the season ends. As we know 1 week after a season ends the new one begins and this means a new major content patch is upon us. So with all these things in place we could see 4.3 as early as November 22. I am not sold completely on November 22nd though as I believe American Thanksgiving is the 24th and that would mean they are forcing competitive guilds to play during holidays something which over the years they have always tried to avoid. Doesn't mean they won't do it, just means they haven't done it before. Some would say it is not because of competitive guilds, but because Blizzard employees won't be around to apply hotfixes. Either way I don't think it seems very likely, and November 29th seems much more likely, but only time will tell.

Also with Blizzard doing this they are allowing that Star Wars game you may have heard of coming out on Dec 20th its own date. Something in the past they have always tried to avoid and have released something to mess with other competing games release dates. Again there is a first time for everything. Regardless of what day it is 4.3 will be out soon so time to prepare is upon us.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hatred In A Photo

I get sent a lot of photos, screenshots, comics, jokes and anything and everything else having to do with WoW. Well actually sometimes they don't even have to do with WoW, regardless the point is I see a lot. Then the other day happened when I received this screenshot. It just wasn't any screenshot it was one that burned me down to my soul, one that made my blood boil to the point that I actually wanted to pick something up and throw it through the wall. You know those times when you are beyond pissed that you just stand there or sit there struggling at what to say in response to what just happened. This was one of those times. Every time I look at this picture I still don't know what to do. I just end up sighing just an epic sigh because it stings that much each and every time.

I know exactly what you are thinking. What could make Gauss so angry, so pissed off that he would attribute an entire post just to explain how something burned him to his core. Will get ready for it because you are about to see something, something which you may not be ready for, something which you may very well not be ready for...

Had to be a fucking turtle

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You Fail At Trolling Gauss If...

Fail Day! Yes, it is that day once again. Time to make people feel horrible for the benefit of a good laugh. Oh how wonderful a world we live in isn't it? This week I decided to go with a fail topic that was inspired by a commenter last week. Hope you all enjoy it.

You Fail At Trolling Gauss If...
  • You are actually unsure what you are trolling
  • You say the information is not important because you already knew it before it was posted
  • You are adamant it is nothing new, but yet all news sites having to do with WoW have written about it
  • Your argument has nothing to do with anything in the post
  • You missed the countless times I have made fun of my writing style while being a Mathematician
  • You complain about my writing but made numerous spelling mistakes while doing so
  • You say the blog is worthless, but according to IP tracking you checked it 20 times the past 3 days
  • You try to make it look like you are many people, but you must fail to realize a IP is registered every time you comment
  • You think stating the same thing more than once makes you look intelligent
  • You want people to take you seriously but you posted under a name "Goochtickler"
  • You believe the information is useless but yet WoW Insider decided it was worth it.
  • You obviously believe the centre of the universe is not the Sun but your mothers basement
  • You don't think I would take the opportunity to make you feel like the most special person in the world
and finally
  • You think I actually care when you say you will not longer reading my blog
There you have it. Hope you all got a good laugh. Quote wise why not go with everyone's favourite troll

Dis... was our land. TROLL land. We Amani was here before anyone! Da' elves and dere Alliance came to drive us out. But we never give up. We never forget... Da' elves took my eye. I cut off my own arm to escape 'dem... and now, 'de fight alongside da' HORDE?! I SPIT on da' Horde! I hate you, I hate you all...

Good luck this reset.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Outbreak Lodaeron

Monday Morning once again, and what to do? Well it is simple it is Machinima Monday so there really is only one thing to do isn't there. Many times when I choose a machinima I have many lined up that I think you all will enjoy, but this week I decided to go with one that has been requested on many occasions. This was the second place winner at Blizzcon and is known as Outbreak Lordaeron. It has some great animation and voice acting and the story itself has a little bit of everything. I like it and it was very much deserving of its placement at Blizzcon. Hope you all enjoy it, here it is.

Hope you all enjoyed it. Good luck it is your last day before reset!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ask Gauss

It is that time of the week where the day ticks over to Sunday. Also it is that wonderful time of the year where the clocks go back and I get that hour of sleep back that was stolen from me in the spring. So I am awake and refreshed and what a better time to do the Ask Gauss post. For those among us who are clueless about how things work it is the post of the week where I answer some questions that were sent into me. As always it hasn't changed there is a link on the top right of the page or you can just email them to Time to just jump right in

4.3 has a ton of new features coming, over the years which do you think was the best feature added?

Any feature that has saved bag space has been a blessing. Maybe it has to do with the fact I collect everything and it makes that slight amount of space a big deal. I look to Mounts and Companion Pets changed to be in a menu rather than taking up precious space. This basically made it impossible to keep everything. Many time in BC no one carried a ground mount with them, because they just didn't have room for it with everything else they had to take with them. I think though the biggest thing they added to save shape they actually took out recently. You see when the keyring was put in keys were a huge part of the game. You needed them to go pretty much anywhere. Also the 14 slots were the common bag and 16 were rare and 18 were extremely rare. There were times you would head to a dungeon and realize you didn't remember your key to get in. Scarlet Monastery was often common for this, because it used to be a common farming place. You would stand there and wait for someone with a key to come by. Now obviously with keys being phased out the keyring had seen its time, but anyone who lived back then in the times of no keyring knows the pain I am talking about.

How are you hoping Cataclysm will end?

With Deathwing dying. I don't want no redemption nothing even close. This is a dragon that has tried to destroy Azeroth for over 10,000 years. Corrupted or not that is who he is. With the side plots with Thrall and the Aspects I am actually up for anything, although I would love to see Thrall come home to Orgrimmar and reclaim his rightful place. I actually doubt he would ever return to the Horde, and everything would be as it was. A lot has happened and you cannot just flip a switch and everything is back to how it was. On the Alliance side I want Varian to step up more and really be the leader of the Alliance, and if not him then someone else, but it needs to happen to make the plot interesting especially if MoP is going to be an all out war between both sides. That cannot happen without someone at the forefront.

What NPC do you miss the most?

Cairne without a doubt.

There you have it this week's questions answered. Hope you all got something out of it. Now since this Friday is November 11th and in Canada it is known as Remembrance Day the Reader Post is going to be about those NPCs we have lost throughout the year. So submit entries based on that. As always you have until Thursday night to get them in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fan Art Collection

Friday is here everyone, and can you believe it is the first Friday in November already. I sure can't seems like it will be Christmas soon without even thinking about it. Regardless of how fast time seems to be going it is Friday, that meaning it is the Reader Post day. This week I asked for something different. I wanted all of you to submit a piece of Fan Art and tell me why you like it. It could have been your own piece or one you have seen. I picked a few of them to post on here so this Reader Post will be for your viewing pleasure.

This is probably the best piece of Artwork I have ever seen of Orgrimmar. Sure it is of the old Orgrimmar but there really is nothing else like it. The attention to detail is that of a complete masterpiece. The artist really should be proud of this.

Yes this is a little cartoony but I really enjoy this one because it shows how crazy ones bank can be over the years. Also it shows how if player housing existed how your "room" could be decorated. Anyone who has played since classic WoW I am pretty sure can pick out what everything is in this picture, which makes it that much more awesome.

I really don't think this picture needs words it is just epic because Rexxar is in it. I really wish they brought him back into the game in some way. He is connected to Chen so who knows maybe we will see him in the expansion.

When I first saw this I really had no idea what it was, but I knew it looked cool. I then looked at it more and noticed they were the same person, and not just that but then I noticed the name of it "End Time" this is Noz fighting Noz Present vs Future each pushing for dominence. Truly amazing display.

How can you not love this. Everyone always wonders where Arthas' Body is and this picture shows at somewhere it was on display, and Jaina did in fact have that moment that every lore buff thought she deserved with the man she was supposed to marry before everything went so very wrong for him. I know you and all your readers will enjoy this just for all the magnitude of lore involved in it.

There you have it that is it for this week's Reader Post. Hope you all enjoyed all of these wonderful pieces of Fan Art. If you are interested in participating in next week's Reader Post look for the topic during Sunday's Ask Gauss Post. Until then have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scroll Of Resurrection Change

For those who do not know what the Scroll of Resurrection is besides saying where the hell have you been I can explain it for you. Over the years Blizzard has sent out Scrolls of Resurrection to inactive accounts that were quite active for a time. These scrolls could be applied to your account to give you a free month of play with the intention that it would make you want to come back and play on a regular basis. They generally did this when a new patch came out or a new expansion basically to let you see what all the new stuff was about. Blizzard is now changing how this works and let me show you a screenshot that explains it.

Yes what you see is actually true. Blizzard is giving players the options to send out Scrolls of Resurrection to players on their friends list. I am not sure if there is a limit also I am not sure if this is going to be Real ID friends only since it does require an email address or if it is any friend and Blizzard will take care of the rest. Either way I think this is a great idea on Blizzard's part. Why you ask? Well if you get one of these from Blizzard it is like them saying "Come back you will like all this new content and we would love you to subscribe again", while if a friend were to send you this it is more like "There is a lot of great stuff going on in WoW right now you should really come and play with all of us again". You are more likely to use it if it is not from Blizzard and from a friend from inside the game. Overall I think this is a great idea and Blizzard once again is thinking of the community as a whole.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

World Is Over As We Know It

Today is the day that WoW as we know it will die. It will stop existing because that guardian cub is now going to be available to buy. Blizzard is selling gold by not selling gold. Blizzard is allowing people to buy gold. They are going against everything that they have ever stood for. How could they let this happen? Tomorrow we will wake up and every teir of gear will be available for purchase from the newly created Armor Store. This armor will also be able to be sold on the Auction House in another form to buy and sell gold.

The following week Blizzard will open up the cooking, fish, and herb store where we can then buy all of these supplies and again we can buy and sell them on the auction house. Then in a months time we will have profession stores where we can buy levels for our professions so that we don't have to level them, we can just give Blizzard all of our money. Yes everyone this is Activision ruining Blizzard and everything we love about this game. I know all of this is true because me cousin's friend friend works for Blizzard and told him so so believe it. This game is ruined how could they let this happen.

Sorry I just wanted to see what it was like to be a babbling moron who knows nothing. I actually feel dirty almost as if I leveled a Pally to 10 and then picked ret. I know now exactly how Lady MacBeth felt when she couldn't clean her hands.

So no the world is not ending, but you may see a guardian cub on the Auction House.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

You Fail At Complaining About The New Expansion If...

Tuesday! Meaning Fail Day, yes that is right it is that time again. Time to sit back and poke fun at those who Fail. Isn't this a wonderful world we live it. Last week on Fail Day we made fun of people who failed at knowing nothing about the new expansion this week we will poke fun at those who keep complaining endlessly. I know I cannot wait either so let's just get right into it.

You Fail At Complaining About The New Expansion If...
  • You think it needs a big baddie get over it there isn't one
  • You're a pally because you have lost your ability to complain to Death Knights
  • You are going on and on about pet battles.
  • You are a melee Hunter
  • You are a range Warrior
  • You have said "where is my dance studio?"
  • You think world pvp is stupid
  • You think Pandaren's are for children
  • You think the monk class is the absolute worst idea for a class ever
  • You are a druid who is pissed off you are going to lose gear to monks
  • You think everyone will race change to Pandaren for the food buff racial
  • You think MoP is a stupid acronym
  • You are going on and on about them making WoW competitive
  • You think it is a complete ripoff of Kung fu Panda
  • You believe this is Blizzard's way to get into the Asian market
and finally
  • You think the game is finished
There you have it this week's edition of Fail, hope you are not one of the many that fail this week. And for this week's quote one that many forget, but one that I think works perfectly for what is to come.

"You will hear my story! You will hear it and understand...for there is a worse danger on the horizon, one which touches us as well."

Good luck this reset!