Friday, June 12, 2015

A Hearthstone Subscription

So here we are the first Friday since I have been back posting and I have had quite the list of posts to go through on which should be this week's Reader Post. Now I want to say first I am going through everyone which was sent in while I was on break. None of them are time specific so I will be including them all for consideration over the next little while. So I thank you all for your patience on this matter. Now the post I chose for this week was written by Dorakara and has to do with an interesting concept of a subscription for Hearthstone. Have a read and let's see what you think

I decided to send you this email after contemplating the idea of a subscription based service for Hearthstone. A problem that Hearthstone and card games like it can have as they expand forward is the inability for a new player to catch up and collect the cards they need to be competitive. Right now there are two full sets out along with Naxx and BRM and even already the amount of money or time that must be sunk into Hearthstone to get the cards to create some of the more competitive decks can be overwhelming, and this problem will only get worse as players require more specific cards from more and more expansion sets.

An easy way for Blizzard to counteract this is to simply add some sort of subscription service, something like The Innkeeper's Collection. For a monthly fee you are able to use all the cards currently in the game without the need to open packs. The cards will stay as long as you continue to pay and if you choose to stop your subscription the collection reverts to its previous state.

I feel like this would be a good addition for Hearthstone going forward and may be able to solve some of the hiccups that can come from new players trying to enter or people who feel like they have hit a wall with what they can achieve. In the case of myself I find I am using suboptimal cards because I cannot craft the expensive legendaries and epics that have taken residence in alot of deck archetypes, such as the Molten and Mountain Giants required for handlock which cost a large amount of dust to craft when your average pack (if you disenchant everything) grants you about 40 dust.

I would like to get your opinion and anyone else's on this idea and find out as well what price-point/additional features (such as arena runs) people would like to see rolled in. If the hearthstone subscription was tied to a WoW subscription would that make you buy into a subscription again if you had quit at some point?

Now do I think this is a good idea? Yes, of course, I do. Do I ever think something like this will be a thing? Not at all. I just think it would get people away from buying cards and everything else for the "chance" to get what they want. This is why Hearthstone and card games in general are such good business models. What do you all think? Could it work?


  1. Interesting idea, but like you said I dont think it would fly

  2. No no no no. Nope. Um no. Letting people buy their way into content is precisly the problem with video games today "something given has no value" im sorry but if you paid to have all the cards i spent slweeks and years on collecting i would quit playing and hate you personally. To get the decks i have i had to make sacrafices like de'ing all rogue and warlock card i got to pump up the other decks. You see similar actions made by poor tourney players in mtg i know guys that only rock two colors and sell everything else they dont need so they can afford better cards for their colors. This is the way it has always been if you just gave black lotus to every player it would be worthless, the win you had would be meaningless and whats worse the loser wouldnt care because he would thing it was just bad luck and never try to improve his game because his cookie cutter deck is only weak to cookie cutter anti decks and what are the chances he would get set against another person with that...