Friday, June 19, 2015

Would They?

So here I am going through the reader posts for this week. When I got this proposition from Peckham. What if they were to change specific story elements from the game for "Shock" value. To surprise even the biggest of fans. Now I am against this as I have stated. I wouldn't be opposed to them adding detail, but changing major part of the story is a no go from me. Especially what Peckham is referring to here.

I’m just suggesting that you consider an alternative scenario, one where this Final Fantasy VII remake becomes more than just a snazzier mimic of its archetype.

What if you could upend one or more of the game’s hallowed story vectors? Entertain a few “what if” scenarios? How much more gripping would the game be if some of its most memorable and hence anticlimactically predictable) moments weren’t carved in stone? Is it asking too much from an assured blockbuster that’ll pay dividends on whatever crazy figure it costs to make?

I’m assuming stuff like the battle engine and item customization (materia) systems are going under the knife, that loot placement’s headed for the lotto ball tumbler, that the original game’s innumerable cutscenes, no longer necessary to fire our imaginations as feats of full-motion derring-do, are due for cutbacks, or at least less jarring placement.

I’m also assuming, given how much we’ve seen in this trailer that we’ve never seen before, that some of the allure’s going to lie in seeing all the crazy world-building chrome the development team’s going to layer in, and that 1997’s creaky video standard would have rendered inscrutable.

But I’m not sure how motivated I am to climb into a gun and roleplay a bullet that, by the time Final Fantasy VII arrives circa its 20th anniversary, someone will have fired decades ago. Put that gun to my head, and I’d probably plead my case for at least one sequence rethink. You know the one I’m talking about.

So my question to Square Enix is this: Is it wrongheaded to request that part of this remake’s raison d’ĂȘtre lie in allowing that one momentous and monstrous inevitability to somehow play differently? Could the game’s most resonant trick be not its obviously stunning visual recast or ostensible gameplay overhaul, but the way you approach, experience, then proceed past one of its most indelible moments?

How angry would you be? When in the remake of a game you have waited for years then changes one of the very things which made it so memorable?


  1. They wouldn't dare. I cant even imagine the backlash if they did

  2. pink Jesus must die. Her death is not avoidable nor is clouds inner turmoil ia change to that would be for fans. Hisheomagigorkisatsumoura said in his best french that they are merely looking to add plot devices that were missing, adding in the lore because engel and genisys exist now and zacks backstory has substrate now. Hishitakiekagie also said they are very intrested in filling in the blanks. If you played ff7 you know its got its own set of "lost" questions. Theres stuff they need to fix and they know what it is. They have the popular vote from every fourm ever writtin on the subject i have no doubt, i have undanmable confidence that they could change more than i would ever comprehend with a world map bigger than black flag and midgar could potentialy be larger than gta5 on its own... The size when mapped to proper scale... They may need more than one disk again. They have the single largest undertaking in video game histroy and are humbled by it.