Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You Fail At The Lost Vikings If...

Fail Day! Yes it is here and you didn't miss it. As many of you know I have been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm lately. With that I have encountered many players of varying talent level with the game. Also you may or may not be aware that some of the Heroes are much more difficult to play than other ones. With that in mind the hardest Hero in the game to play in my opinion is in fact 3 heroes and they are the Lost Vikings. And this brings me to this week's fail.

You Fail At The Lost Vikings If...
  • You didn't know they are the hardest Hero to play
  • You always control them as a single unit
  • You didn't know you could split them up
  • You don't let them cover multiple lanes during objectives to boost team XP gain
  • You are last in your team in XP gain
  • Even when you have them fighting together they are way split up because of their different speeds
  • You don't take Longboat Raid Ultimate
  • You fail to see why you should have to practice with them before playing with others
  • You are constantly feeding the other team because of poor positioning
  • You don't set rally points for each viking correctly
  • You had no idea you could set rally points
  • You can't take Merc camps on your own
  • You have poor map awareness
  • You brag about your kills
  • You are wondering why you have no abilities for your Q,W, and E when the game starts

and finally
  • You don't care if you are a determent to your team

There you have it, this week's edition of Fail. Hope you enjoyed it and learned something at the same time. Happy Longboat raids!

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  1. So many bad vikings players. Almost as bad as when there is a horrible Abathur