Tuesday, June 9, 2015

You Fail At Moving If...

So here I am. Back once again as promised. Now took more time than I liked to get everything going as I wanted, but that is the way of it I guess. I also thought fail day was perfect day to start things back up with all that has happened. So thank you to everything you has sent me all of the well wishes and everything in the time that I was away. They were all very much appreciated. And with that let's get right back into everything.

You Fail At Moving If...
  • You forgot where you happened to put all of your HDMI cords
  • You are missing all the pieces for your television wall mounts
  • You forgot how annoying it is to setup a new server within your house
  • You still have not found your awesome looking red PS4 controller
  • You weren't able to get the Witcher III day 1
  • You realize how much your old furniture doesn't work with your new gaming setup
  • You don't know the best spot to put your router
  • You didn't actually realize how much gaming crap you own
  • You didn't label your boxes correctly
  • Your favourite mouse grip is missing
  • You forgot how bothersome it is adjusting nickle fittings on your water cooling is
  • you measured things incorrectly then had to completely change everything in the room after you came to the realization

and finally
  • You thought you could have everything organized within a week

There you have it this week's edition of fail and the first since post being back. Hope you all enjoyed it and that you didn't miss me too much. 

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  1. Good to have you back sir. Glad everything worked out for you