Thursday, June 18, 2015

How To Remake The Remake

So I know you have heard, well that is unless you have been living under a rock that is. If that is the case have a watch here for something that has always been wished for, but no one ever believed would actually happen.

Now I am excited for this more than you can possibly imagine. The 3D worlds of the 7,8,9 games never aged particularly as well as the 1-6 games. Not that graphics are the most important thing, but they do help in bringing new people to the franchise and help those who haven't played earlier titles get into them.

When things get down to it though the word "remake" doesn't mean the game has to be exactly the same just with update graphics, sound, and voice acting. It could also mean they could change some of the current aspects of the game to have a more modern approach. Something I think they actually do. You see random battles are no longer fun to me. I want to see the style which started in 12 come to the 7 universe. Meaning you see all enemies you are approaching. This style makes farming and grinding much more fun and also leads to much better visuals overall. I also would like combat to be more challenging. I love the combat in the 13 games in terms of positioning and moving around. Now don't think this means that I would like an "x" button mashing combat. I just want battles to be more interactive where movement occurs and your speed of execution actually matters. I also don't want the game made easier for the modern gamer. It still needs to maintain at minimum the same difficulty across the board.

I want the materia system to stick around, but I am sure they will change some aspects of it in terms of modern gameplay. I am completely ok with this as long as it keeps its core foundations.

Lastly please don't change the story we know and love. I would be find if they went more in depth with certain aspects and characters of the game, but please don't do anything drastic just to surprise the people who have played countless times. It would be in poor taste and really would just upset the very fanbase that has been begging for this remake for years.

Now those are my simple requests. Not that they would be listened to, but as fans of the game I would think they would understand all of these things.

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  1. I just cannot wait to see them redo certain scenes again. Especially the cross dressing one