Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Is His Majesty Albert Alright?

Armor? Check. Sword? Check? Noble Birth? Does that really even matter? Well if you haven't guessed I am referring to something you cannot escape when it comes to fantasy games at all. That is the knight. Everyone has their favourites and with today being a day for a list well here is the perfect opportunity for you to know mine!

5. Cecil Harvey - Final Fantasy IV

The main character in an often forgotten Final Fantasy game. He is the definition of everything a knight should be even if he rebelled against what were supposed to be his knightly duties. Honorable, driven, and there to save the day when needed!

4. Esbern - Skyrim

He is one of the last surviving member of the blades. He is there as an archivist and has made it his goal to predict the return of the dragons. He then is their when the prophecy unfolds and takes you under his wing to prepare you for the war ahead.

3. Sir Arthur - Ghosts N Goblins

What does one do when the princess is captured? Well what any good knight would do. Grab your lance and be off to save her. On the way be sure to kill anything you see to make sure the blue haired princess is yours when it is all over.

2.Siegfried - Soul Calibur Series

So not only does he have noble goals in mind for his quest to avenge his father's death he has a big ass sword! His quest is one which rips him apart and spawns Nightmare a being of pure hatred and evil based upon the emotions he has gone through. In the end though he is able to defeat Nightmare and maintain his purity and honor.

1. Lavitz - Legend of the Dragoon

Was there really any doubt? This is someone who gave his life for those he was sworn to protect. He was always honorable from day one and stood up for everything he believed in. Still get the feels when i watch his death scene.

There it is my favourite and what I believe to also be the greatest knights in video games. Think otherwise? Well be sure to let me know even if I won't agree


  1. Yaa RAGh! HARPOOON!

  2. Lavitz is the man! Only sad thing about a Legend of the Dragoon 2 is that he wouldn't be in it