Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ask Gauss

So here we are on another Sunday morning and the last of June actually. The time when you actually start to feel like it is summer time, as long as the weather is cooperating that is. This doesn't change the fact that Sunday has traditions and one of the traditions you are here for is that of me answering some questions. So let's get on with it.

What do you think about the Archimonde death?

I was a little disappointed with how easy he fell. Now I understand they wanted it to be different from the last time. Really though it took the night elves giving up their immortality and scorching Nordrassil for him to be killed. This seemed a little bit like a "really?" moment. Now the thing which interests me more is what is going on with the whole Gul'dan pack and the staff thing. Just makes you wonder if there are Lich King parallels going on.

Not sure if you saw recent notes from LoL and DotA2 making efforts to make their games shorter in length. Do you feel this is a direct response to Heroes of the Storm?

Honestly? Yes. Shorter games make for time more well spent. Especially games like LoL and DotA2 where they can spin out of control in quite a hurry. There is nothing more frustrating then a game which is dragging out and you have no way out of it because you are forced to play it out. Really though those games will always be longer in length than Heroes for the simple fact that they have a long and boring lane mechanic, which really is a must for the gameplay. Even if you don't have games which are 90 minutes in length you are going to be hard pressed to ever have a game which is 30 minutes long.

Why is Nova so OP?

Because you can't see the shimmer.

There you have it questions all answered for the week. Thanks to everyone who sent something in as this could not be done without your contributions. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

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