Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ask Gauss

So here we are my first Ask Gauss since I have been back. Let me tell you I will have a pile of questions for quite some time to go over. I will also tell you that keep sending in your questions I still will be looking at old and new and picking the best of the week so don't worry you will not be ignored. With all of that out of the way let's get to this week's questions.

Do you think it is odd the new Hearthstone Heroes will not be able to be purchased with gold?

Honestly, and I know people are going to hate me for this but no. I look at them like skins. Skins in any other free to play game are purchased with real money. They are purely cosmetic and offer nothing in the way of gameplay advantage or disadvantage so really are the perfect thing to be purchased with real money. I know people are up in arms about it and that they are completionists and need to have the chance to do everything for free, but really i'm sorry you don't. You want the hero pay for it. I actually believe it is selfish of you complaining you can't get everything in a game for free just because you want everything in a game. Support the company and the game you love if you truly want it that badly if not then just live with the fact you can't have it.

So Uncharted games are all going to be remastered for PS4 what do you think?

Do I think they all need to be remastered? No. Would I like other games remastered before this? Yes. Do I think this is a bad idea? No. You have to remember PS4 has a large population of people who switched from XBOX to PS4 meaning their are countless people that have never got the chance to experience arguably one of the great series there is in gaming. This is the same reasoning I used for The Last of Us and it still works. Naughty dog is providing a fan service to people who haven't had the chance. Also if there is people who want to buy the remastered version all the power to them.

When are they going to fix matchmaking in Heroes?

Go see my Thursday Post. Along with the other hundred people who sent me this question.

There you have it questions all answered for the week. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions along with all of those who sent them in while I was away. I will get to them all eventually if they make it on here or not. This would not be possible without all of your contributions. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the Game of Thrones Finale.

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  1. when i first heard about the new heroes assume right away with gold. Afterall people need a way to spend money after they have all the cards they want and need.