Thursday, June 25, 2015


So it is the big thing now to release old games as new. Sometimes these games aren't even that old and they are thrown right back at us. Now I don't have a problem with it if say companies are doing it for fans who may have never got the opportunity to play a specific game. I have gone over this multiple times in regards to The Last of Us. It was an exclusive title and a last generation PS3 game that many people who switched from xbox to Playstation did get the opportunity to play. This gave them the opportunity to do so.

This also is evident the price of the item and how Sony has made it a selling point of the PS4 being that it is a bundle item. Why wouldn't you want to show off one of your best games? What is bothering me about this remastered thing lately is that it seems that more than half of the games currently coming out for this generation are remasters. There is minimal new titles. Sure we have seen some great games come out this year, but for a second just sit back and think about the amount of games that came out that you would think about buying for this current generation of consoles?

And that is my point. Sure it is great to see these games. Especially ones that you know are great choices for remasters because of not only the time period they came out, but the iconic value of the games. I just would like to go to the store and see a variety of games I want to get my hands on that are not just remasters. I get that they are trying to connect new gamers to the glory of the PS2 days, but there is a limit to my patience and to my fellow older gamers patience looking for something which is new, fun, and exciting to us as well.

Again I want them to continue with the remasters and I will be playing some of them. I just don't want current content to suffer as much as I believe it has

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  1. I tend to agree. I love being able to play these older games new and improved, but they still are older games. I still would like to play something new