Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You Fail At Warcraft Lore If...

So I have been getting a massive amount of questions regarding the lore of this game lately. Apparently, people are very curious and yet clueless at the same time. So with it being Tuesday and being everyone looking for their taste of weekly fail. Why not do fail in regards to lore? Of course I can just imagine how many questions this post will create, but here goes

You Fail At Warcraft Lore If...
  • You think Illidan is blind
  • You cannot name the two children of Deathwing's we have killed
  • You don't know why sometimes the Lich King is refereed to as Arthas
  • You don't know why we celebrate the heros during the Harvest Festival
  • The orc named Broxigar means nothing
  • You don't find it weird that the healer staff that drops off Arthas is named after Antonidas
  • You are unsure why Gruul is named "the Dragon Killer"
  • You don't know the difference between Blood Elves and High Elves
  • You have know idea who Krasus' Landing is named after
  • You wonder what the weird looking thing is in the middle of your world map
  • You don't know the significance of the Axe missing from Thrall's throne room
  • You do not know who Varian's son Anduin is named after
  • You are part of the group arguing that Worgen should be a horde race
  • You do not know who Durotar and Orgrimmar are named after

and finally

  • You think someone other than Sargeras will be the boss in the last expansion

That is it. Keep the stuff coming I have enjoyed talking lore with many of you lately. Free Loot Tuesday is upon us grats on your badges and good luck on your drops!


  1. I noticed the Ax was missing. Who would be using Brox's Ax?


  2. orgrim and durotan :)

  3. hes blind not deaf...

  4. You fail if you spell Sargeras wrong :P

  5. Or............. You might just NOT give a shit about lore?............

  6. @Annonymous

    Ya blogger has this auto correct thing which tends to piss me off at times. It is now fixed