Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ask Gauss

Wow it is Sunday already. Hard to believe my long weekend only has one more day left to it. Just means I only have 2 more days where it is ok to stuff my face, and no one will look at me weird. Now isn't this really the best part of Thanksgiving, screw the thank yous and all that other crap. It is the food dammit! So before I keep going on and on and get my largest amount of hate mail in a single day. Being Sunday you should know it is time for Ask Gauss. And it is time to answer the Reader's questions of the week. So without more constant babble let's get to it.

Do you feel having Azshara as a 5 man boss this expansion will hurt her being the big baddie come MoP?

First off although I think she will be the "big baddie" of the next expansion it has not yet been announced if that is the case. So really this is all speculation. Now with her being a boss in a 5 man remember that this is 10,000+ years in the past and although I am not too happy with her actually being a boss the whole timeline thing will be intact. At the time of the War of the Ancients Azshara was known to be more powerful then even Mannoroth and Archimonde looked to her as an equal. Now this is before her Naga transformation something which granted her even more power. So if we are to encounter her in the next expansion it will be on a level that is not even close to what she was back then. Think of it as battling Thrall before he became a shaman. Now I am confident Blizzard is using this to introduce the player base to a character that not many know about, and even though she isn't make it seem like she isn't just made up on the spot and out of thin air.

So Tier 13 models are out besides DKs but who cares. Which do you like the best?

Now most would probably expect me to say warrior, but I am not going to. It is not that the warrior set doesn't look great because I think it does. It is a set I think many will look back on and think it is one of the best designed warrior sets. The thing is though I think all of them are beaten by this

The shaman set is probably the best set looks wise Blizzard has ever made, and I am very confident in saying that, and jealous that it is a shaman set a set I will never have the ability to use. Overall though I don't think there is a bad looking t13, well I won't include the pally set because frankly no one cares about them and their sets. Most were thinking that the sets would begin to look horrible because of the ability to transmog them, but it seems they have gone in the complete opposite direction a lot of people thought they would.

Why is there no Panda's in Hour of Twilight?


So there we have it. This week's questions are done and answered. Hope you all got some information out of it. As for next week's Reader Post I want to know about your thoughts on the tier 13 art designs and your opinion of the direction Blizzard is going with the tier sets. As always you have until Thursday night to get them in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!


  1. completely agree. So happy to be a shaman and have such an awesome looking set. So this is what it is like for warlocks when they see the previews of their sets.

  2. I personally like the priest "heroic" Tier 13 as well as the hunter.