Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Queen Is Reworked

I understand this is a few days old, but since I made a topic about it being off, I only felt it right to make another when Blizzard corrected it. First off let me show you a complete before and after curiosity of MMO Champion.

As you can see her eyes have been changed to Golden as they should be. Her skin is a lot lighter and her hair is the platinum colour again as was described to us. Only thing I am not sure of is if her height is actually taller than the average elf. Since I have not been on the PTR nor play a Night Elf I cannot make this determination.

Now there has been many sides to why Blizzard did this. Some have been saying that it was the authors error when it was written in the War of the Ancients Trilogy. I don't by this for a second because Blizzard has always done a great job of making sure the details in the novels are what they should be.

The other theory is that models on the PTR are always a work in progress, and sometimes to get the content out for testing Blizzard puts in placeholder models or models that don't have all the fine details on them for when it goes live.

I actually believe this to be the case, because it has happened in the past quite a few times. For all those saying that no this is just Blizzard caving I am going to remind you all of Lore Marrowgar and his model journey on the PTR.
Model 1

Model 2
Model 3
As you can see he went through a lot of changes before his final product. One which was probably a placeholder and then some touch ups and recolourings. So am I happier with the new Queen Azshara model? Yes I am much happier than I was when it was first revealed, but who knows it still may have some other changes that will be added to it soon enough.


  1. Had no idea marrowgar went through such changes

  2. There we go there is the queen we all love to hate!