Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two Great Things About The New Expansion

So all the talk about the new expansion is about things they didn't add because they added something else. That topic I will deal with tomorrow, but today I want to talk about two things they are adding that are by far and away what I am most excited for.

End Game Questing

This isn't dailies, this isn't just quests you do when you are max level. These are zones and quests designed to be part of the story and are to be completed only by max level characters. These quests themselves will have progression to them. They will award Valor Points and gear, although less ilvl than raids they will award the same ilvl as dungeons and LFR. So besides sitting around in the capitals you now will be out in the world questing quests that are not just a joke, but ones suited for the single player. Now some have complained they are adding single player elements to an MMO, but to those people just because it is a massively multiplayer doesn't mean you actually have to be playing with everyone. This is something that can progress Lore and Story and lead you to raids and dungeons in a much more flowish way. Was by far my favourite thing they were adding with the new expansion until I heard about...

PvE Scenarios

For years I have been complaining that there are so many places in the world that are forgotten about once you are done questing there. The only other people to ever see these zones are the ones who will level. No longer is this the case. Yes these will be instanced, but you will be going to the everyday places in Azeroth. All the towns, all the zones, everything. Remember the epicness of Southshore vs Tauren Mill? Well they can bring this to us in an instanced form. Meaning no lag, meaning combat which is organized but random, and the best part is no tanks or healers will be required. It doesn't mean those classes cannot participate, but they will not be needed for anyone to participate.

Now after playing a game for years you realize there is only so may ways to create fights that have tanks and healers. Once you remove them from being needed by putting in mechanics which can be used for other things. These Scenarios are going to do this. Imagine if this moves on to raids. Where a healer, tank, or dps is just as important to the sucess of the encounter. You bring what you have to accomplish the tasks. Each one would offer a specific benefit, but each one is not particularly needed over the other. Everyone thinks back to old days of WoW and there is a phase of an encounter that screams this system. Phase 1 in the Razorgore encounter. You couldn't heal, you didn't have to tank some adds but you could, there was kitting from the dps, there was CC, mind controlling, and an orb that was required to use to kill eggs. Now because of phase 2 you needed tanks and healers, but imagine an encounter that didn't. Now I like this a lot it brings variety to everything, and a whole new element to the game as a hole.

So those are the two things I am most excited about with the coming in Mists of Pandaria. There is more that I like, but you will just have to wait and see what I have to say about that.


  1. I am not sure using one of the most hated phases of fights in the history of wow is a good one to prove a point. It may scare people. But I understood it. I really looking forward to the questing the scenarios I will have to try to make a decision

  2. Scenarios sound amazing now just to make sure they dont go the way of path of the titans