Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Fail At Preparing for Blizzcon If...

Tuesday, meaning Fail Day. Everyone's favourite day isn't it. Today though is a special kind of Fail Day because it has to do with something that only comes around once every year. Kind of like how other days only come around once a year, but just this is that much more important. Now some might be disappointed that I am not again doing a Lore Fail, and I will probably go on with that next week, but like I said this is a special week. The week of Blizzcon. So time to get to it.

You Fail At Preparing For Blizzcon If...
  • You are just now trying to buy a ticket
  • You have a ticket, but forgot to book a hotel
  • Your first question is which not Blizzard games are going to have a booth
  • You decide to wear a red shirt so people mistake you for red shirt guy
  • You spent all year looking for lore errors within the game so you can stand up to Metzen so you can have an NPC in game
  • You made a youtube video asking what you should wear to Blizzcon
  • You have a pen and paper to right down the jokes the Jay Mohr gives so you can use them with your "friends"
  • You do not have a camera ready to catch a moment that will be talked about for years to come
  • You have been practicing your sound alike voice for the entire year and all you got is a murloc
  • You are the guy that broke his leg last year
  • You don't think they will be announcing the next WoW Expansion
  • You some how don't know the Foo Fighters are preforming
and finally
  • You keep trying to trick the system to give you a free Virtual Ticket because your mom wouldn't give you her credit card
There you have it this week's edition of fail. To keep with a tradition let's give a Blizzcon quote

"You can't kill him, that is an undead male. That poor guy. Who wants to follow the broken leg?"

Good luck on this reset. That last you will do before knowing what next expansion is all about.


  1. poor kid never going to live down breaking his leg

  2. poor kid? Hes famous and never will be forgotten...