Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You Fail At Queen Azshara Lore If...

Happy Fail Day everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend even if you were not privileged enough to get one. We will be continuing the Lore fails once again, but when deciding who to choose I thought I would pick someone that we will in all likelyhood get well acquainted with in the near future. I also thought that not many actually know anything about her. So without further introduction let's see how much you know or how little you do about the Night Elf Queen.

You Fail At Queen Azshara Lore If...
  • You did not know that she is the former Queen of the Night Elves
  • You didn't know she is now the leader of the Naga
  • You did not know that she has golden eyes a rare occurrence in Night Elven society
  • You were not aware that she used her beauty as a magical charm to hide her power
  • You didn't know that Lady Vashj was her Hand maiden
  • You were not aware that she feels threatened by Tyrande, because she feels her beauty rivaled her own
  • You were not aware that she made the decision to try and open the portal for Sargeras
  • You didn't know she has a minor role in the Darkshore questline
  • You did not know she wished to be the consort of Sargeras thinking he was the only one powerful enough to be capable
  • You were not aware that the naga although still refer to her as their Queen she is as revered as a God
  • You were not aware she admired Illidan for the "gift" Sargeras gave to his eyes
  • You did not know before her Naga transformation she had power that rivaled Archimonde and Kil'jaeden
  • You didn't know she wants nothing more than the destruction of Neptulon
and finally
  • You didn't know she survived the Great Sundering by making a pack with what is believed to be the Old Gods
There you have it this week's edition of failure. How bad did you fail? As is the custom her is one of my favourite Azshara quotes

"There has only ever been, only ever will be... one Azshara."

Free Loot Tuesday is upon us, Good Luck!

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  1. Azshara to me is one of the most interesting characters there is. Why did she want to hide her power from everyone? Or did she do this just to prove she had more than everyone. Something that has always bothered me