Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ask Gauss

It is Sunday once again. The day where we have to try and forget that it is the end of the weekend and things will soon become serious. With that in mind today is Ask Gauss. You know the day of the week were I go through all the questions and pick a few to answer. If you are unsure on how to ask a question or you just love for me to repeat myself each week it is actually very simple. There is a link on the top right of the page, which you can just click on or if clicking on random links is not your thing you can send an email to As always even if your question does not appear here on Ask Gauss I still will answer it, most of the time in a timely manner. So with that let's get to the good stuff

Pandaren racials. Any thoughts?

For those who don't know. The Pandaren racials are pretty simple. They take less fall damage, their profession buff is to cooking, they get double the buffs from food buffs, and they have this pressure point thing that can make enemies fall asleep. I really think no one has problems with any of the racials, but there are a lot of questions about the food buff change. Is this going to make all classes able in top end guilds be pandarens? It is an interesting question and we will have to see how blizzard balances it. We saw this a lot when they buffed the troll racial and all top end mages race changed. I think Blizzars might have learned from that experience though. If they can make the buff be as close to the others as possible then I think it will be fine. The problem will be that basic stat food buffs may become more attractive to Pandarens instead of Secondary stat buffs, and I really don't have an issue with that at all. Makes the game more interesting.

So I know you like Machinima and all that, but do you ever look at the fan art and if so are you ever going to share some of those on your blog?

I actually have never been asked this before, and the truth is I love the community fan art as well as the Blizzard art Gallery. I check them every update and more often than not I will download them onto my computer and cycle them through desktop backgrounds. Here is one I saw recently that I think is beyond epic created by someone named Darklogik

Really you are ok with pet battles?

Yes, probably because I didn't cry for days when I lost all my Pokemon cards when I was 8 like someone...

There you have it. This week's edition of Ask Gauss. Hope you all got something out of it. For next week's Reader Post we are going to do something different. I want you to submit fan art either that you have created or that you have seen. Could be any type, but as always make sure you submit them by Thursday night. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

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