Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ask Gauss

Sunday is here if you didn't know, and let's make it a point to not realize that tomorrow is Monday and the weekend will be over. I know I probably just made it impossible for you to do that, but hey that's your problem not mine. To get on topic it is Sunday and that means here in Gauss land that it is time for Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I just pick some questions I have been asked throughout the week and throw out the answers for all of you to read. And by throw I mean type out, I don't really have magically powers and If I did throwing words would probably be the most boring power of all time. Anyways, if you don't know how to send in your questions there is a link on the top right of the page or you can email them directly to With all of that out of the way let's get to it.

Don't you think even if the exchange rate of the pets to gold isn't very high it will give the top rank guilds in the world a slight advantage?

I don't really understand why players think massive amounts of gold in WoW are an advantage. The millions in WoW are not the players in the top guilds. They are the players that have developed strategies for gold making and are applying them all the time. Some of these people spend all their time on WoW making gold. It is because this is the fun part of the game to them. I can tell you I could have a completely ridiculous more amount of gold than I do If I spent more time then just a short daily ritual on AH, and I already have more gold then I will ever need and ever use.

You see having enough gold in WoW is the important thing. The amount that will get you enchants, gems, flasks, pots, craftables, and of course repairs. Anything beyond this is practically useless besides getting vanity items. Yes they are a lot of fun to have and all, but they actually serve no real purpose in the conquest of the game. Meaning top ranked world guilds could care very little on this so called advantage you think there will be. The only people who will use these pets are the ones who think they can make a quick turnover and the other people who will try to use them will fail horribly.

What you looking forward to most about Blizzcon?

I am actually looking forward to practically everything content wise for all of the Blizzard games. I know there is going to be a reveal about the next WoW expansion. Is it going to be MoP as everyone thinks it is going to? What will be the changes that will be put in place? How will it effect and improve the game? There is also going to be a lot of info about Starcrafts Heart of the Swarm expansion and not to mention a lot of information about this game called Diablo III that is coming out in the new year. Overall lots going on and I cannot wait to see it all.

Think Mr Undead Break A Leg will return for a repeat?

He better that was the greatest moment of any Blizzcon to date!

There you have it everyone. Hope you got some useful information. Thanks to everyone who sent in a question this wouldn't be possible if I didn't get any of them. For those waiting for it, next week's Reader Post I want to know what you are looking forward to most about Blizzcon. As always you have until Thursday night to get them in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

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  1. He better be back he needs to allow us to relive that moment over and over