Thursday, October 20, 2011

Different Is Better

So with Blizzcon coming up tomorrow and reading Rades post on Orcish Army Knife today about the legendary daggers being just daggers it made me think of something Blizzard could add with the new expansion without making it a game changer.

For years people have been talking about how pigeon holed you are in WoW. That you are stuck wielding a certain weapon because of a certain spec. The legendary daggers as I understand are going to make it so no matter what spec you are and the fact that you are daggers it will not matter. So the thought then comes out, what is in a weapon? For years the WoW community asked for the ability to customize their characters and Blizzard is finally giving us Transmogrification so why not bring this to the next step. So what is the other way people could customize their characters? Well simple they could pick their weapon setup which made them truly them. So if they can do it with Daggers where it doesn't matter what your spec is, why not do it with everything. Maybe a mage who is wielding a sword and a tome, would switch to a staff and a sword. Now nothing would change but the look, and why is this a bad thing? This would speak to the originally of every player in the game. The possibilities would be endless and you wouldn't see anyone and everyone looking the same. Players would come up with weapon setups that are one of a kind and it would be encouraged. Blizzard has showed us with Tramsogrification that it can be done with armor and with the legendary daggers that the weapon itself doesn't matter so why not bring it all together and promote the creativity of the Community.

Here is probably the most famous abstract wielding of weapons


  1. For years my mage has been wanting that setup. I can dream

  2. I would love to have an amazing looking pair of swords for my rogue.
    I can always dream...