Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Mask For All Occasions

So with the start of Hallow's End all anyone can talk about is this

The masks that used to have to be gotten only from trick or treating every hour can now be purchased for tricky treats. Now this changes completely how outrageously difficult and random the Mask for all Occasions achievement was. Now I am all for keeping achievements hard and difficult in fact I was one of the supporters for Blizzard changing the "The Exalted" achievement every expansion so that it actually meant something. So logically many of you would think I would be against Blizzard changing this achievement, but you would be wrong.

If there is nothing I hate more it is achievements or anything else in WoW related to RNG. This is why TBC DPS was up and down so much, because of procs and RNG. They fixed that and DPS for all classes is a lot less RNG based compared to how it used to be. Achievements that require you to have luck and click a button every hour for 2+ weeks are not hard they are stupid. I have no problem with achievements that cannot be done in 1 year. I actually think those achievements are great actually. You want achievements that are difficult, take time and effort, or both. Never in there do you want an achievement that is also random or luck based.

So to all the people that have this achievement I can say grats to you, but I also would think you would thank the RNG gods for helping you get it. Changing the achievement to be bought with treats makes people participate in the holiday and its events. Rather than making sure you are online every hour. This is truly what every holiday achievement should be like.

So in case you haven't noticed I still hate RNG with a passion and will continue to do so to I slay their gods.


  1. i think the people who have it are just mad that others will get it easier than they did

  2. I was 4 masks away last year. Had to do the schizophrenic 1-hour-logging in order to try to get it done.
    I'm glad they changed it this year, because I cannot fathom imagining having to go through that again this year... and have RNG deny me those last few ones I had left.